Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Letters

Happy Friday! Some may say that for a teacher on summer vacation, every day is Friday, but not me. I definitely don't say that. Being home this summer, for the first time, is not what it is cracked up to be. Most of my friends, especially those local, are not teachers, and therefore are at work while I'm home. Boo! Friday means that there are only hours until the hubby is home with me for the weekend. At this point, 6 hours stand between a weekend of plans with friends, dinner dates, sleeping in, yummy breakfast, and church. LOVE the weekends! On that note, I am linking up with Ashley for one of my new fave link-ups. Time to break this blogging funk I'm in! (more on that later)


Dear Friday, you seem to get here quicker and quicker each week, which I'm not sure is a good thing or a bad thing, yet. Regardless, it's nice to see you.

Dear Hubby, you literally saved my sanity by installing an AC in the bedroom last night. I know it's no fair to come home to a cranky wife but two days into living with a broken central air unit, and trying to run around after a puppy that is the tazmanian devil after 5 cups of coffee, will get anyone a one-way ticket to CrazyVille. Thank you for putting up with me. You are so good to me.

Dear Rocky, you are a madman but I absolutely adore you! I had not a clue in the world just how crazy life would get with a new puppy, but we are learning so much about each other. You test my patience in ways I didn't know were possible but you are stealing my heart, too.

Dear Princess, I know that a new puppy has been a really big transition for you, but I hope you still know how loved and precious you are to me. You are my first baby and will always hold the most special place in my heart. Hopefully spending time away from your new little brother next week will be a nice break for you and a good excuse to be loved on constantly from your grandparents.

Dear Punta Cana, I will see you in less than a week. I cannot wait to be on the beach with a drink in my hands for 11 days. Heaven!

Dear Bootcamp Trainer, I don't think you'll be happy until I'm on the floor gasping for my last breath, but I LOVE the workouts. Keep em' coming!

Dear Zumba Instructor, Holy Moly! This was only my second week but I can't believe how much I have been missing out before I discovered Zumba. So. much. fun.

Dear HVAC guy, I may give you a huge kiss when I see you tomorrow morning. I will never, ever take the central air for granted again.

Dear Jillian Michaels, I always love you & hang on your every word, but... you recently said (on Facebook) that being in a warm house in the summer and cold house in the winter, helps to burn more calories. Ok, great, my AC is broken this is good. Except you also said that being in a warm house without an AC will help people to eat less. Why is this not applying to me? Please get back to me. Thanks! :)


Now I'm excited to go find other blogs while the little devil sleeps! :)


  1. OK, so Jillian Michael's thing about cold house in winter, hot house in summer...I totally feel this way, but i can never do it. Back in the day, growing up in my parents' house with no AC we NEVER wanted to eat in the summer. I've tried going a whole day without AC and I just can't do it anymore. haha Too spoiled with the central air to go back! At least I tried.

    Hope yours is getting fixed soon and glad that you got one for the bedroom!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment, your blog is super cute. I love being part of link-ups that lead bloggy friends to each other.

    My hubby and I have one dog (he's almost 2) and have been thinking about getting another. We aren't sure yet since our first pup can be a big needy baby, haha. Nice to see that it can be done!

    Good luck with the AC :)

  3. Ugh, no AC sucks! Especially with how hot it's been.

    Wait... you're doing P90X AND Zumba?! Shoot, you have some serious ambition! I feel a little lazy... Haha!

    Live, Laugh, Love, Teach