Monday, October 28, 2013

A perfect Fall weekend!

Anyone who knows me knows that Fall is my absolute favorite. Like most people, Jeff and I go apple picking every year and we try to pick a different orchard each time. We are so lucky that in New England there are SO many choices and hope to keep trying new ones until we run out or find a favorite. This year, we were kind of up in the air about whether or not we would go because we weren't sure when we were going to have the baby and how I would be feeling afterwards. Even though I wasn't really sure about it, I was holding onto hope that we would make it because as much as I look forward to apple picking every year, I always looked forward to apple picking with my babies even more. 

This weekend, we made our annual trip to a new local orchard, as a family of four (no cats allowed). It was a small orchard that allowed dogs so we were excited to avoid the crowds to let our babies experience their first time apple picking. I was a little nervous when we first pulled in because there were only two or three cars there and I thought we made a mistake and that it was just a farm stand. Instead, we found the cheapest prices, nicest people, and an almost empty orchard with the BEST apples we have ever picked. Seriously. The last weekend of picking is usually a pretty lousy selection but almost every apple was practically the size of a small pumpkin and there were so many.

Of course, our little pumpkin slept the whole time. LOVE my Moby Wrap btw.

Our bigger pumpkin enjoyed sampling the local fare.

He was so excited just to be there.

Picking out pumpkins with my babies. Rocky had to be held this tight because he pounced on every pumpkin like it was a ball. He was in his glory.

Since we were practically the only ones there, I started thinking that we wouldn't get a family picture and really, isn't that half the point? Hah! No, but really. Thankfully, my sweet husband is well-trained at this point and he set up the camera on a timer and propped it up on a pumpkin to take my favorite picture, ever.

My sweet family.

This is my happy place. It was such a perfect day. I can't wait for so many more experiences with my little family.


  1. So sweet! Love your family picture. And love, love, love that precious little pumpkin hat on your precious little punkin:)

  2. I have a K'tan wrap which is similar to the Moby and I LOVE it! I love the family picture:) so precious!!

  3. Simply adorable! I loved my K'Tan wrap when M was that little. Love love love everything about this post! And the hat- I die.

  4. Great pictures and I love that tiny pumpkin hat and pumpkin baby! I used the Moby for the first time last weekend and loved it. Glad y'all had a great pick!

  5. What a fun trip and Noelle looks so cute in her pumpkin hat! Glad you guys were able to get a family photo, that's something we keep forgetting to do. And you look fantastic and so happy!

  6. So sweet!! We did the same thing 2 weeks ago and took the baby and the dog to the pumpkin patch... we couldn't leave our first baby behind!!

  7. Sooo cute! You look good wearing that baby! ;)

  8. I love this and that you can take dogs!! i wish we had this. You guys are adorable - love these photos.

  9. Aw this post is so sweet! So glad your little family got to experience it together! What a fun memory! :)

  10. Your dog is seriously SO beautiful! I love boxers :) And my hubs approves of your hubs hat ;) ha!
    I've NEVER been apple picking. I know, I'm missing out big time. I really want to take Mia next year. I think we'd have SO much fun! How do I find an orchard that will let us come picking?
    Your little pumpkin, so precious! I miss that curl up and snuggle stage :)