Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to our regularly scheduled program

Summer is winding down and I have been SO busy y'all! I have just discovered that I can schedule my posts to publish at a later date and boy, do I have some great posts lined up! They include day trips, a bachelorette weekend & a co-ed vacation, the first of many DIY wedding projects, (hopefully) a classroom makeover, WEDDING WEEK!, and more. The bff's wedding pics are FINALLY up and I plan on having myself a grand old time highlighting all of the gorgeous details that she included on her special day. So while I'm soaking up the last days of summer, bloggy here should be catching everyone up on my whereabouts over the past few weeks. LOVE it!

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  1. Donna said....
    If there is a "like" button on this thing, I just clicked on it!