Friday, March 16, 2012

6 weeks!

Apparently this is the year for... not blogging! Typical of me to post a resolution that included "blog more" and then literally not touch my blog for over three months. Woops!

Life is passing by at an unbelievable speed and while I really want to document more of it on my blog, I need more hours in the day and more days in the week. Ironically, I am GLUED to my computer but have not had a chance to update. Really, I have no idea what I used to do before I had a wedding to plan & grad school.

Our wedding is in 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS!! How in the world did that happen?!?! Most of the big stuff is done & now there are lots of little things to plan. Who knew there were so many choices?? Linens, paper, ink, stamps, music, transportation, jewelry, the list goes on. I have never been a huge fan of wedding planning but my current favorite thing to do is check things off the list and get RSVP's back. It all feels so much more real knowing that people are actually attending the wedding. My second dress fitting is tomorrow and then I have 104 things to cross off the list this weekend. This 6 week mark is making me nervous!

I am so grateful for this time and cannot wait to be married to my very best friend in 6 weeks!

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