Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm linking up with Ashley at Adventures of a Newlywed for Friday's Letters. I have seen other bloggers writing these letters on Fridays and I think they're too cute.


Dear Friday, you really took your sweet time getting here after a long week of state testing, but I am just thrilled you are here. I literally cried out, "Thank God it's Friday!" when my alarm went off this morning. Now if you could only speed up a tad so that I can be on the couch with my hubby watching our wedding video for the first time.

Dearest Husband, I am so happy, so blessed, so fortunate that you chose me to be your wife. Our relationship has grown more just in the past couple of months that I ever thought was possible. You picked the perfect wedding song... "I thought I loved you then..."

Dear Social Security office, you may want to have more than just a security guard standing in the lobby. I would suggest a metal detector and drug tests at the door, as well as looking into the possibility of a reality TV show deal. I could not believe my eyes. Or ears.

Dear Turkeys fighting in front of my driveway this morning, please take your shenanigans elsewhere. I am a city girl and the thought of even one turkey that is still alive and within walking distance of me, is enough to send me over the edge. Eight turkeys is too much for my city self to handle. My stomach literally flips when I think back to it.

Dear Princess, you need to work on staying in one spot when you get to sleep in the bed. Getting up in the middle of the night and jumping on Jeff's chest is really not helping my case that you are a lovebug that only wants to snuggle.

Dear Sunshine, thank you for coming out! I have been waiting for you and I am so glad you will spend the weekend with us. You will be especially lovely at the outdoor wedding by the ocean we are attending this weekend.

Dear Bloggers, I have been on the hunt without success... where can I find a good blog designer? I need a makeover!

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  1. omg. the social security office freaks me out too!!!!!!

    found you via the newlywed link up!!

  2. My office building is reflective when it's sunny and I have seen a male turkey fighting with his reflection before! And we are in Shrewsbury! O is meg does blogs and I have always liked her designs. Her blog is! Another MA blogger I enjoy is Dear Readers! Glad I found u!

  3. I'm pretty sure the DMV is worse than the SS office... but then again.

    Turkeys in the front lawn? What?

  4. found you through a friends blog! love that you are a northeast girl (I am originally from CT and went to school in MA).

    ...and I am also a teacher and we had state tesinging last week as well. we are basically ment to be!