Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend & somebody's on the move!

Somehow Memorial Day weekend already came and went! I loved having the extra day with Jeff home and we had plans to go up to my in-laws lake house. The forecast wasn't so great but we ended up with decent weather and had a lot of fun firsts with Noelle.

First time on the boat! I was dying over the teeny pink tankini and big white sun hat that she rocked so flawlessly. She was so mad when we first put her in the life jacket but after her nap she was totally fine.

My sisters-in-law noted that Noelle had "Chronic Bitch Face" when she was in this life jacket. We all couldn't stop laughing every time we looked at her because she was just glaring at us. What the heck are you making me wear, mom?

She cheered up real fast! Already driving the boat around.

We let her take off the jacket for a bit when we docked so she could eat and she turned into a little model baby after. Is this kid for real? Work those baby thighs!

Love my sweet family! We loved our first mini vaca!

I would say she is a fan of summer time and boating. All that fresh air made for good naps!

Back at the camp, she had her first bath in the big tub that she LOVED, her first camp fire (which I didn't get any pictures of), and then this happened...

My baby started crawling!!! We knew it was coming but then apparently when there was something she wanted bad enough on the floor, she went for it! You can tell we are all so excited! Jeff wasn't sure if it counted because we were setting her up by placing the spoon on the ground. You can hear my mother-in-law, "It counts! Of course it counts!"

We had the best weekend and look forward to lots of fun firsts and family time this summer!


  1. So, so cute! Baby girl definitely knows how to rock those presh leg rolls! And watch out, Mama. Now that's she's crawling, your life will change!

  2. oh wow- that picture of her modeling on the boat she looks SO MUCH like Jeff! what a little cutie :)

  3. Yeah for crawling!! You will be a busy mom now :)

  4. What a fun weekend get away. She looks adorable in her little tankini.

  5. those pictures of her in her life vest kill me, so great! Natalie is going to start crawling any day now, I can't wait for this moment, so glad you caught it on camera, you will remember that forever!

  6. Her face though!! totally love it! She is a doll! I have been so lost in the blogging world lately! It's been fun to catch up! She is seriously a doll!

  7. Hey Lady! I love your blog and nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!! Check it out on my blog and the questions for you to answer!! Keep on posting ! ♥~Kelly