Thursday, May 22, 2014

Noelle's Baptism

I'm playing catch up a bit and sharing Noelle's Baptism today! Trust that I am better at keeping up with her baby book than I am with this blog! :)

After buying our house, I began searching for a church in our area that would make us feel welcome and ease the transition from having no church to one that we belonged in. I was looking for a true community that would make it so we would enjoy going to church on Sundays. I found that in our little church and have been so happy with it. We have lots of friends, a Pastor that we love, and have spent a lot of time learning about our faith and becoming active in our church. We were married there on April 28, 2012 and on March 16, 2014, our daughter was baptized there, by the same pastor, in front of the same family and friends. It was such a beautiful day.

Noelle wore the same dress that I wore, as well as my three siblings and some of my cousins. My great-aunt crocheted it for me and now it is being passed down. I absolutely love that she wore this and look forward to putting all my babies in it! The dress is so intricate that we decided to go with this headband by Pink Lemonade. Such a little princess!

A little blurry but I was so glad to have these pictures. She did so well in church, which is typical. It didn't seem to bother her one bit that someone just poured water on her head. Such a happy moment for us!

Our little family, celebrating on the same alter that we took our vows on two years ago.

Afterwards, we hosted a small luncheon at a restaurant. We were really happy with the food and it was nice to not have to set up or clean up afterwards.

The cake was delicious and so were the gluten-free cupcakes! Made by Cakes by Michelle.


For the party she changed into this sweet monogrammed dress made by Plain Jane & Co.

We had such a great day celebrating with family and friends! Just for fun, here is a picture of me with my parents on February 16, 1986 being baptized in the same gown!


  1. SUCH A SWEETIE! :) Looks like such a special day!!!

  2. What a lovely day - you guys will cherish those memories for forever! Loving that Noelle was able to wear a gown that you wore. What a special tradition! We hosted a lunch at a restaurant after Caleb's dedication and I agree with you, Mama - it was SO nice to not have to worry about set up or clean up:)

  3. my GOSH your family is so cute!!!

  4. What a sweet moment! It is so special that she got to wear your gown.

  5. so sweet and precious. I love both her outfits, so great! Natalie's baptism is this weekend, I am so excited!