Monday, August 25, 2014

Fall in LOVE with YOU

Happy Monday!! I wanted to share some great info today. I have a post in the works about 'Operation: Get my body back' but this is where it all started. Scrolling on Instagram, I came across some info for a T25 challenge group so I asked to join it, not really knowing what to expect. I had a blast, got lots of new recipes, lost 7 lbs/10.5 inches, and made some new friends. Those ladies became such a great source of motivation for me and continue to do so, long after the challenge group ended. We teamed together to form the Live Life Fit Community and we are hosting another challenge group. If you need some motivation, a place to find healthy recipes, or just looking to 'meet' other ladies who are juggling life and fitness, this is a great place to start.

The group is filling up fast and will be lots of fun. Here are some important details...
  • You get to pick your program.
  • You can join if you're already doing a program.* 
  • It's all on Facebook and the group is SECRET, meaning no one sees what you post except group members.
  • You don't have to post before pictures but you should take them for yourself. You will get points for sharing them but it's your call.
  • You don't have to publicly weigh in anywhere. WHY?!?
  • You don't have to be super into health and fitness, just be willing to take the first step.
  • There will be prizes based on a point system.
  • There are already over 50 people signed up, so you can count on a great support group!

*certain rules may apply

Leave a comment or send an email or text if you want more info!

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  1. Wow this is such a great idea!! Maybe I will join up if you do it again after this baby comes in Nov.

  2. What a fantastic idea! Having a great support team is such a huge motivator!! Good job!