Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Friday!

I have to admit that time passes differently now that I'm not working outside of the home. It passes in a kind of weird fast-slow pace but Fridays kind of merge into the other days since I won't be coming home from work to plop on the couch with a glass of wine, order out, and not move until I need to go to bed. Still, I love me a good Friday! This post is all over the place. You're welcome.

1. I have been putting pumpkin pie spice in my coffee before it brews and my whole world changed. Why have I been buying coffee that is full of flavoring when I could be doing this?! Bonus that my house smells like Fall, even if it is 90 effing degrees still.

2. Birthday prep is in full swing for a certain 11 month old baby I know! I could literally cry thinking about how much she has grown and changed my world but instead I am throwing myself into party planning. I have been 'pinning' this day long before she was even born but will still keep it simple, though, drive my husband crazy in the process. I'm sure of it.

Um. This is happening. And it doesn't look like that anymore!

3. This is Day 4 of the 21 Day Fix for me and I don't want to eat my arm or that chunky 11 month old on my hip. I'm so surprised because those containers are teeny tiny but they are filling me up. Apparently I've been over eating FORever so this is a great program for me. My SIL's wedding is in less than a month and when I tried on the dress that I had to purchase right after having a baby, I zipped it up and IT FELL OFF OF ME! I was afraid I would be that girl who was all "Oh, I just had a baby, let me wait to order the dress" then have to shove myself inside of it. I keep that thought in my head when Autumn is all "Give me three weeks and I'll give you the body you always wanted". Ok, Autumn! Give it to me!

4. Noelle is getting her molars in. Is that weird? She already has one and it is gigantic compared to her little chiclet teeth up front. Girlfriend has NINE teeth with two other molars starting to poke through. What the what? This seems so strange to me!

5. This song is my jam. I am obsessed. For real, I want this playing around me all the time. Like when I walk into places, I want it to be my entrance song. Not only is the beat fab but the message it is sending is even better. Get it girl.

Happy Friday!!


  1. OMG I am on the hunt for a high chair like that too - can you just bring yours to me?! Mmmmkay!
    I need to get 21 Day1!!!
    Mav is getting a molar too!!! I took him to dr thinking it was another effing ear infection - nope a molar! What the what!

  2. I have an almost 6 month old and I think teething will start any time soon. Hopefully she won't be in too much pain. Any suggestions for teething?

  3. Isn't it crazy how the weekends just blend into the weeks when you're not working. I still get excited for the weekends because my husband is home but it just isn't the same. Sounds like you're 21 day fix is going well! I can't believe Noelle already has so many teeth. Miller only had 4 teeth at his 1st birthday but has gotten 6 teeth (4 up front and 2 molars) in the past 2 months so it's been a looooong summer. I think his other two molars are coming in and then I'm ready for teeth to be done for awhile!

  4. OMG! That's awesome about the dress! GO YOU! :)

  5. Yes, the high chair!!!! I want one! Also, I'm VERY jealous of your 21 day fix results. I really need to kick my butt into gear, but I keep worrying about my milk supply. Have you noticed any changes? I had a weird start/have a weird nursing situation. I don't leak (never had), my boobs never feel full, don't pump much at all (when I used to pump anyway), never feel letdown, didn't ever feel my milk "come in." I seriously don't feel like I'm nursing aside from the baby at my boob every 2 hours. We had to supplement at first because of her slow weight gain and she's still only in the tenth percentile for weight so cutting back to lose weight makes me feel uneasy, but I so badly want to see and feel some inches GONE!