Saturday, July 30, 2011

Supporting local growers

In between huffing and puffing and chatting during our walk, Leslie and I found a roadside flower shop. Little Grace, who had to be around 11ish, was selling fresh picked flowers for $3 a bunch. Not only was that a complete steal, but we were able to support a local grower and help this little entrepreneur on her way to starting her own biz. Love it!

We went back after our walk to make our purchases, since we don't normally stash money in our bras, at least not while exercising, but when we got there, Grace was nowhere to be found! Like any good business owner, she had a cute sign posted, so we waited.

My budget blooms are looking gorgeous on my kitchen table, but Leslie used hers as centerpieces for a dinner party, and gave a bunch away to each of her guests. Talk about a great hostess! I couldn't help but spy some beautiful hydrangeas in the back of Grace's garden and I'm hoping that they make their way to the flower shop!

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