Wednesday, September 11, 2013

38 week Bumpdate!

This week: We're in the third week of school and this mama is tired! We hired the sub for my room and I really like her so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

How far along? 38 weeks! (My countdown on The Bump actually says 12 days left! Eek!)

Baby's size: Baby P is the size of a pumpkin! How fitting as my favorite season kicks off!

Total weight gain: I got that pound back from last week, so its back to 18lbs.

Maternity clothes? Oh, yes. There are very few things left in my closet that fit well enough to wear to work.

Stretch marks: My belly has the newest stretch marks, though not much of a change since about two weeks ago. My hips and thighs are also all marked up at this point. 

Sleep: I'm actually sleeping better and sometimes through the night! I think this is because the weather is so much cooler at night and we have windows open and fans on. Good sleeping weather!

Best moment this week: We had our hospital tour! It was so surreal to be walking around the actual hallways where I will meet my baby in just a couple of weeks. They also told us that every time a baby is born, they ring a set of chimes throughout the hospital. Is that not the sweetest thing? I may have been holding back some tears. Baby's heartbeat was 148 yesterday at our appointment and she was a movin' and a shakin' as usual.

What I miss: I could just totally go for a fall beer. I could do without the pelvic pressure, too.

Movement: Yes, slowly but always.

Food cravings: I made mac & cheese and it was yummy! Other than that, I'm eating pretty normally, just can't ever finish a meal.

Food aversions: Still staying away from steak but other than that, I'm good.

Gender: Baby girl!

Belly button - in or out? Out and about.

Wedding rings - on or off? Off :( and I can't even get them past my knuckle when I try.

Symptoms: Just uncomfortable all over.

Labor signs: I'm still cramping a bit with sudden sharp pains real low sometimes, I'm assuming her head is hitting a nerve or something. My pelvis hurts like a mofo and I think I'm even having some contractions. My cervix is still locked up tight as of yesterday but my doctor said not to worry about it. He also said he won't let me go past 41 weeks, which is September 30. So I will eventually have a baby!

Mood: Still anxious, a little more nervous, and excited.

Looking forward to: Holding my baby! And if I'm being honest, not having to wake up to the damn alarm every day. I know the baby will wake me but something about that alarm just drives me nuts!


  1. Savanna dropped at 32 weeks so imagine that feeling in your pelvis for 6 weeks. I. was. miserable! I went into labor at 38 weeks so it can happen any day now for you:) Good luck girl! xoxo

  2. Love that dress on the bump!!! That is oh so sweet about the chimes!!! Mmmm....fall beer!!! I shall have one next year. Hurry up Baby Girl!!!!

  3. I was thinking about you last night and hoping baby girl makes her appearance sooner rather than later! I can't wait to see her picture!

  4. Eek!! Getting so excited, it'll be here so soon! So jealous of the cooler temps you've been having, it was 95 in Columbus yesterday and 91 today. Brutal for a 38+ week pregnant lady...but it's supposed to be back down in the 70s this weekend :)

  5. I'm with ya on all of those symptoms! They're the worst! I can't believe you're so close!! Woohoo!

  6. You are getting so close! I have been having the same sharp pains...ouch! My "fake bling" i bought at target...2 sizes larger than my real starting to get tight. I will not miss this swelling! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  7. You are so close!! So glad you like your replacement for work!! That's awesome!

  8. Oh how exciting! There is just something so special about baby #1!!! You're getting so close! Hang in there mama! And I'm sorry you're missing the fall brews- they are pretty fabulous. For the record beer was my favorite treat with a newborn (well after a few weeks and we got on more of a schedule I would drink one while/right after nursing in the evening when I knew I wouldn't be feeding her for another couple hours). It was heavenly and just what I needed to relax!

  9. ohhh i am sooo excited for you to become a mama, it is seriously THE BEST. i hope that baby girl comes on her own before 41 weeks and you have a smooth delivery!

  10. The hospital tour was one of my favorite parts! I remember thinking it was my aha moment of baby really is coming SO SOON now! :) SO excited for you girl!

  11. i may have just shat my pants.
    38 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    come on beebeee!!!!