Friday, September 27, 2013

A little trip to Labor & Delivery

I don't know how it's already Friday. This has been the slowest week yet somehow it's almost over. This was the first week of my maternity leave and yet, my baby is still comfy as can be in my belly! It was nice relaxing a bit but I'm having a hard time being productive since I'm SO tired! It may have been a slow week but we certainly ended it with some excitement.

Yesterday, we had our biophysical profile to check in on baby. Apparently she decided that she wasn't really feeling it. We were in the ultrasound for a long time and the technician was taking measurements and then poking me, measuring, poking, poking, poking. She said she was looking for specific types of movement and the baby just wasn't having it. After a while, and a few changed positions, she got the doctor to see if he wanted to do a non-stress test or if he wanted me to get up and walk around a bit and try the ultrasound again. Well, after looking at the results, he decided to send me to Labor & Delivery for extended monitoring. Then he proceeded to tell me that if they weren't comfortable with the results, we could be staying to have a baby. Uh, what? Pretty sure Jeff and I both shit a brick. Jeff insisted we bring the hospital bags with us "just in case" but I didn't really think we would need them. The doctor checked my cervix again, still nothing, and sent me on my way. 

In the moment, I was pretty nervous and overwhelmed because it just wasn't the scenario I imagined, so I didn't get any information from our ultrasound, except that one of the four points they check for was off. Jeff is pretty sure it was the breathing. Not what we want to hear. I didn't get any pictures; I didn't even get to see the screen during the ultrasound. As in, not even a single peek. The tech usually goes over it at the end but it ended kind of abrubtly. We didn't find out how much she might weigh or any of the measurements. Jeff watched the whole ultrasound but he said that he had no clue what she was looking at most of the time because the tech was just moving from one part to the next and measuring. Looking back now, I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't even get a glimpse. I am SO anxious to meet her, so a little peek would have been awesome, especially since I was so looking forward to it!

Our doctor told us to head over to the hospital and reminded Jeff that he didn't need to drive 100mph but we were both nervous and I think he was going a little fast as soon as the hospital was in sight. I was actually surprised at how nervous Jeff was since he's normally pretty calm and collected. We parked, checked in, and headed up to Labor & Delivery. Once we were upstairs, the nurse set me up on a monitor and explained everything. She told me that we would be there for a couple of hours and that we were just monitoring for movement for assurance that baby was still doing okay in there. It was nice to hear the baby's heartbeat loud and strong, especially after thinking that something might be wrong. The nurse explained that we want to see two movements in 20 minutes and said that her heartbeat should go up about 15 beats for about 15 seconds when she moves. Well, wouldn't you know it, little miss thing decided that she was going to start moving and not stop. Her heart rate and acceleration was not only right on track but it was even better than what they were looking for. In less than a half hour, the in-house doctor was already happy with what they were seeing but they kept me for another hour or so. Baby kept moving and even bumped the monitor off a few times. So apparently she was just sleeping on the job at her first appointment. I feel like I'm saying this more and more now, but what a DIVA!

My doctor wants to see me back at the hospital on Sunday, when he is working, so that he can do another non-stress test. Then, if baby girl has not made her appearance, I will be induced on Monday afternoon. The light at the end of the tunnel is near. If this baby doesn't come on her own, she will hopefully be here by Tuesday. I say Tuesday since we'll be admitted Monday afternoon and my cervix is still "doing squat" so I imagine the induction will be long and go through to the next day. We are so, so excited! Being at the hospital made me a little sad to have to leave yet nervous that we could be there to have a baby. People were definitely looking at me funny when I was walking out of Labor & Delivery with a big belly. Wrong way, lady!

Thankfully, I got my playful, cool, calm hubby back as soon as baby started moving around. He first commented that Sonic might really be the real labor-inducing meal. Jeff was home early today and we had lunch from Sonic, which was my first time ever eating their food. Of course, when the baby was moving, he declared that it was "Sonic good!" Later, when we got our car back from the valet, Jeff thought it smelled different. He asked if I thought it was sprayed with hospital mist. Haha what?! 

So everything is okay with baby girl and hopefully my doctor will reassure me on Sunday that she isn't huge! We'll see if she decides to make an appearance before Monday but if not, we'll be doing our best to patiently wait for her!


  1. Good luck!! I had to be induced too. I kind of was glad that the waiting game had an official end date, as I'm sure you are too!

  2. I'm glad everything was ok. Your post title had me excited that she was here!!! it's the week for babies in my neck of the woods. I know 5 people who delivered this week!

  3. So thankful everything went well. It seems you are in very good hands and your doctor is on the ball. I pray that your nursing staff is top notch throughout this process. I'm loving how I just got an update on all the details of whats going on (to avoid you having yet another text/call about what happened and where baby is)!
    Love you so much wifey and cannot wait to see you and Jeff with this beautiful little girl in your arms <3

  4. Glad everything is ok!! Have a relaxing weekend!!

  5. I totally thought she made her grand entrance when I first saw the title of your post! Glad everything turned out okay and just think, one week from now you'll (hopefully) be at home with your girl! I had my non stress test this morning and luckily, everything was great. She moved twice within the first couple minutes but still kept me hooked up for the full 20 min. The dr commented on how she noticed I had some contractions but I told her they were the Braxton Hicks contractions I've been getting for months and she was like, oh too bad these contractions aren't actually doing anything. Haha no kidding!! We're almost there!

  6. Glad everything is okay! I don't miss those annoying itchy bands. I was in the hospital 2 times. Both for preterm labor and neither visit was fun!

  7. Good luck mamma! I am glad she is ok & moving finally :)

  8. UGH! Hospital trips that DON'T end in baby are NOT FUN. Glad she was showing off when it counted, at least!