Monday, September 23, 2013

Last weekend without a baby? Or was it?

Today is my due date. September 23, 2013 is the date that has been engraved into our minds since January and here I am wondering if we just had our last weekend as a couple. This could have been our last weekend without a baby. I think that's the part that makes expecting parents so crazy. The 'could be' part. If maybe today is the day. If it's not, then is it tomorrow? I really didn't expect to go to my due date but I think a lot of people start to feel that way once it gets super uncomfortable at the end. Now I'm here and every time I do something, it's in the back of my head that next time, we may have a baby there with us. Yikes.

Today is also the first day of my maternity leave. After my doctor's appointment last week, it was decided that this past Friday would be my last day of work until January. I thought I might try to keep working but once my sub was hired and started shadowing me, it just made sense to stop. I'm really, really uncomfortable and spend the majority of my day on my feet, teaching. When I'm not teaching, I'm peeing or waddling to the copiers or recess duty. I think it will be nice to just wait out the baby from the comfort of my home without reenacting the water-breaking scene from Coneheads, in front of my students.

On Friday, my students made me a card in Art class that is seriously the sweetest thing. They each read off one reason why they think I will make a great mom. If you want to know the fastest way to make a pregnant woman cry, that's it. Seriously, what a great send-off.

ps. I teach math, not spelling :)

By the end of the day on Friday, my feet were the worst I had ever seen them. I showed them to a couple of people but can't decide if I want them on the internet or not yet, haha. Gross. We had Back to School Night on Thursday and I worked from 7am-8pm. When I got home at 9, I went to bed and my feet never really went down. Because of this, I literally sat on the couch all night on Friday and all day on Saturday, waiting for them to explode. I only got up for a couple of hours; when Rocky had a spontaneous puppy play date and when I randomly got up to make spinach lasagna rolls to throw in the freezer. Weird day.

Sunday, Jeff and I went out to breakfast for the third Sunday in a row, because, well, it might be our last weekend to do that baby-free. We tried a local waffle house that we have never been to and oh, my sweet Jesus. I had the Elvis waffle. A bacon waffle with peanut-butter, bananas, bacon, and honey. AMAZING! This might be our new spot.

Then we did our grocery shopping at Walmart for the third weekend in a row not because it could be our last time but because I swear, Jeff gets a high on saving money. He walks around Walmart singing, "suddenly I see!" like the commercials and then when he buys something from the Great Value Walmart brand, he yells out "Wow! Great value!" I condone this type of behavior, so we're a hot mess. But really, in the grand scheme of things, we don't stand out more than most of the folks in Wally World.

When we got home, Jeff set out to finish removing all the mulch from the back patio and making it stone, and I started cooking. I've been slowly making and freezing meals for after-baby and today I whipped out two gluten-free chicken pot pies, a batch of turkey meatballs, pasta sauce, and three eggplant parm's, two for freezing and one for Sunday dinner. 

This isn't the typical eggplant parm that I usually make. This is Scalini's "Labor-Inducing" Eggplant Parmigiana. It was featured on Good Morning America and is 'guaranteed' to induce labor and the owner shared his recipe. The restaurant is out of Georgia and they have a baby wall that features the hundreds of babies born after their moms ate the famous dish. Clearly this crazy mama was all over that. I do have to say, that for whatever reason, this meal took me way too long to make and it was frustrating to use gluten-free breadcrumbs, so I hope that it works. I'm going to be pretty annoyed if I did all that for nothing. Although, I did get three trays of parmigiana out of this and it was really good. My other recipe just isn't as time consuming but it's also not as labor-inducing.

According to the testimonies, I have 48 hours from 6:30pm on Sunday, 9/22 to go into labor. Let's go, baby girl!

*40 week doctor's appointment is tomorrow and Bumpdate will be up on Wednesday!


  1. I just died imagining you and your hubby walking through Walmart. Y'all are HILARIOUS! Literally busted out laughing at my desk. My co-workers probably want to know what in the world could possibly be so funny on a Monday morning:) Your little one is sure to have a good sense of humor with parents like you:) Kudos to you, Mama, for making so many freezer meals this weekend. You will be SO glad you did after baby arrives.

    Come on, baby girl! Your mama (and all of her blog friends!) is ready to meet you:)

  2. LMAO - Jeff & Travis are soo alike!! He is always doing stupid stuff at WalMart and I condone it as well. It makes me laugh, so who cares what others think!! Soo funny!!

    I sooo need to get on this freezer meals thing but I have never done such a thing. I am afraid they will taste awful when I reheat them.

    Dear Little Miss P - You are getting served your eviction papers today - please come out so your Mommy can send her crazy blogger friend pics on the daily! Signed your bloggy Aunt Erin! :)


  3. We are in the same place - everytime we do anything I am like "Is this the last time?!?" I'm curious to see if the dinner worked!!!! Ahhhhh you are so so so close!!

  4. That card is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen!!! Hopefully that dinner works!

  5. This is too funny. That end of pregnancy time is so bananas. I remember it well and remember being a complete and total basket case. Hopefully that recipe works!!!

  6. I was only there 3 months ago and I totally remember that feeling!! My due date came and went and I wanted to cry! Thankfully I had my little guy 4 days later but it still felt like an eternity.

  7. what a sweet card from the students! love that.
    i totally remember the feeling of wondering whether itd be the last time or not! BAH!
    cant wait for news after your dr appt!

  8. If you haven't had baby girl already, enjoy your last few days with your hubby! If you have had baby girl, enjoy your first few days as a family...and know that I'm incredibly jealous as I'm still waiting for our little girl to arrive!

  9. Good luck here at the end! So happy you made meals- that is the biggest lesson I learned last time around. And good for you for just letting the sub take over now. I'd like to so the same- 5 months early! Hope you get to meet her soon...

  10. That elvis waffle looks amaaaaaaaazingggggg. so does the eggplant parm! and how cute is that list your students made for you??!! I can imagine that you teared up!

    good luck!!!! Can't wait to meet your little one!

  11. I am commenting from oldest to newest so I do not know if you had baby yet, though I HOPE TO GOD YOU HAVE. Anyway, hope the parm did it's trick :) And I need to go to walmart with you guys now hahahaha. Sounds just like us. I've been thinking of you tons!