Monday, June 20, 2011

If life gives you limes, you're in luck because I have a great recipe for Limegria

This weekend, I really had myself a time.

One of my besties is getting married in September and her bridesmaids threw her a shower this weekend. It was lovely. The games were actually fun, the prizes great, and the company even better.

The part that wasn't lovely was that the MOH insisted that I buy 30 limes to slice up and put inside the centerpieces that we had a florist put together. She also wanted to scatter candy on the tables so that people "had something to munch on", even though the adorable favors were wine glasses filled with candy. I was a bit confused by this but she wanted it anyways and I was hoping that I would understand her vision when I got there; so I bought 30 limes and 4 family-size bags of candy. I wondered if I was allowed to return food if we didn't use these items but tried not to think too much of it.

Well, wouldn't you know it, she decided that the limes probably wouldn't be necessary afterall and that we would only open the candy if we needed to. I love her sister and thought all of the details were adorable but I was now left trying to think of ways to use up 30 limes.

Enter "Limegria".

Some my fave girlies, 2/4 of Fab 4, to be exact, decided to come over after the shower, and I suggested making Sangria. As I drove back to my house, I realized that I didn't really have what I needed for Sangria. We had a bottle of red wine that was a leftover prize and limes. Lots of limes.

I have a delish Sangria recipe (that I will post another time) but I was improvising here. Since we had 4,009 limes, I squeezed a bunch of them for some fresh juice. Then, I cut them and threw the pieces in. Except< I really need a better knife set than the ones I keep buying at The Christmas Tree Shop, so my limes were a wreck. I also only had seltzer water to mix in, when I prefer ginger ale. Wouldn't you know it that the only type of seltzer that I had was LIME seltzer. Yup. My original recipe also calls for frozen lemonade concentrate, so guess what I did. I poured lemonade into a cake pan and froze it! I had to open a new bottle of lemonade though, bc the one I had open was freakin limeade! This mix was serious. You know what else is serious? 3 gals on a Saturday afternoon with a pitcher of Limegria & a bajillion pieces of candy.

I also remembered that I wanted to take a pic for the blog when we were almost finished with the pitcher!

The fact that we finished the pitcher and made another, is probably why my table also looked like this.

I am one hell of a hostess. No shame in my game!

The best part about the Limegria was that I got to spend some QT with this girl:

and this girl:

I haven't laughed as hard as I did on Saturday, in a long time. I love those girls with my whole heart and I couldn't think of a better way to share 30 limes and 4 family-size bags of candy.

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  1. You have been one of my best blog commenters lately and I've loved you for it. I've been sad though because my comments email directly to me and when I've tried to reply to you I can't because your email hasn't been enabled. :( Enabling your email just makes it easy for when I want to reply back to a comment you've left so we can do it through email. It's fun times and makes us pen pals of the email kind. Using my master detective skills though, I tracked down your blog so that makes me happy. So here I am! I'm glad I found your slice of web. I'm looking forward to reading!

    My favorite line of this post was your first one: "This weekend, I had myself a time." When a post starts that way, you know it's going to be a home run. That pitcher of drink looked delicious, as it obviously was based on the emptiness. And you probably needed that whole pitcher since you're STILL IN SCHOOL!! I am so sorry for you about that. I'd be drinking whole pitchers of all kinda stuff if I was still in school. I'd probably start doing hard drugs by now too if that were the case.

    You realize I've already had my summer vacation to the beach. I wish I had filled a container with sand from the beach. I would have mailed it to you so that you could have some summer fun. I think you definitely should start a 'hate blog post'. You should probably start that immediately. As soon as school dismisses tomorrow.

    Okay. I'll stop now as I have pretty much written a blog post in your comment box.