Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up with Jamie again for WILW because I am absolutely LOVING this Wednesday.

I'm loving that SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER! I was channeling Alice Cooper as the kiddos made their way out the door and visions of margaritas danced in my head.

I'm loving that my first class of fifth graders graduated 8th grade this week. It is amazing to watch it all come full circle. If I'm picking favorites, which I always do, they were my favorite class.

I'm loving that my current students made me a book of love poems to display at my wedding. My co-teacher has been planning this for a while and it was such an amazing surprise. One of my favorites so far.. "Love. It's crazy. It's like a stroke of paint or wind that hits you right in the face but you like it. Or some new pair of socks that feel very good, but it really feels like a beautiful butterfly." That seriously cracked me up!

I'm loving that we ripped out the terribly awful shrubs in front of the house (seen below) and put in hydrangeas!! They're a bit wilty and haven't bloomed yet but I know they will be grand.

Bye, bye ginormous jungle bushes! (If you spy, what I spied in that picture, you get 100 points. Stay tuned if you want to find out!)

I'm also loving that we're having a rainy day, even on the second official day of summer, because our hydrangeas seriously need some water!

I'm loving that season 3 of Teen Mom is starting back up in a couple of weeks. I love these original girls and I love that I can stay up late to watch during the summer. I also have a serious addiction to reality TV. It's almost embarassing.

I'm loving that I got my second non-IRL friend comment on my blog! I'm always wondering if anyone is reading and that makes me feel happy! Leave some lovin' if you come by & leave a comment or start following! :)

Happy Wednesday & Happy Summer!

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