Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The right stuff

Warning: This post is full of teeny-bopper nonsense coming from every angle, brace yourself. Oh, and don't judge the grainy pics. We were super far away and I desperately need a new camera.

All that I needed was you, in my life, you're so right. And all that I wanted was you, you made all.. every one of my dreams come true. For real, the New Kids STILL got the right stuff.

This weekend, the hometown boys were back in the bean with the Backstreet Boys, teaming up for what is probably the next best combo after Joey and I getting married NKOTB & N'SYNC. The boys were as glorious as ever. The girls, still swooning.

While my sore throat indicates my active engagement with the show, my cousin & I had some pretty weird seats. We were literally behind the people in the last row balcony, which I thought were the furthest back you could go, but we were higher up in our own kind of loft. With a counter, a real folding chair that wasn't attached to the ground and this lovely USB cable, you know, in case we brought our lap tops instead of our original mega-pins from the late 80's (which we totally did).

There was a hot dog stand that sold beer and our own bathroom, but it was totally odd. I thought for sure, Donnie would surprise us and upgrade our seats but no dice. For a New Kid lover, it was fine by me if it meant we had space to do the New Kids dance without hitting anyone around us. Still, we were most definitely hangin' tough.

Flashback to 1989.. I was in Kindergarten, rocking a side pony-tail, for sure, LOVING the New Kids on the Block. When I say loving, I mean, my Barbies ALWAYS married one of the New Kid dolls, preferrably Joey. I always slept on the side of the pillow case that had Joey's face on it, even if it wasn't the cold side. My mother made curtains for my bedroom out of the sheet. So I had the sheets, comforter, dolls, bracelets, and CURTAINS. What was wrong with my 5 year old self?!? At least I didn't make this gem, like my cousin did.

I was wicked jealous.

I know there were plenty of girls crazier than that, but I was in Kindergarten for crying out loud.

Flashforward to 2011.. The concert was seriously insane. In true Bostonian fashion, it was wicked awesome. I went to their reunion concert a year or two back but this does not compare. Maybe it was that I got to listen to Nick Carter and Joey McIntyre on the same stage. Let me wipe the drool from my keyboard.

I'm a Boston girl all the way and I love how genuine their hometown pride is and it shined through in everything they did. Donnie was really killin' it on the stage, he had all the right stuff. It's so weird that I was a Joey girl my whole life but Donnie is really working his magic on me now. Especially when he held his hand over his heart and said "This heart will always be yours" (the fans, but I know he was totally talking to me). He actually had a serious moment with tears in his eyes because the crowd WOULD NOT stop screaming for him. The Boston Globe said the screams lasted two minutes while he just stood there beaming. That's a long time to just stand at a concert, but I was too busy screaming to notice.

Joey had my heart going when he belted out "Please Don't Go Girl".
I nearly died.

Then, they just appeared in the audience. I was so stinkin' jealous, I almost jumped right over my counter to get in on that action. My heart seriously hurt. Jordan and Danny never really did much for me but they were definitely lighting up that stage in their sleeveless leather jackets.

By the end, Jonathan looked like he wasn't having the best time, but he is getting older, I'll give him that. It was hard enough for me to stay up during the whole thing after a long work week.

The concert was a two and a half hour love fest, but the best part? The finale. All the boys, in Bruins jerseys singing "Hangin' Tough". Which was supposedly written with the intention of being the song that the Celtics came out to. Last year, the boys came out in Celtics jerseys with Paul freaking Pierce holding the NBA Championship Trophy. This year, the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup, enter NKOTBSB in Bruins jerseys. Either their timing is impecccable or they just plain rock.

So SO jealous that I will not be seeing them at Fenway this weekend.

Be still my beating heart.. Until we meet again.

Sidenote: I'm now aware of how many times I used the word "totally" and "for sure". It must have been the late 80's, early 90's talking.

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