Monday, September 5, 2011

Wedding Week! The details!

Lots of details go into a wedding and these were only bits of all of the gorgeous details that made Donna & James' wedding day so special.

This was their card box. Originally, they had a box that was way too small but this ended up being the perfect fit. The heart in the front was handmade and one of a kind!

I love a sand ceremony. The white represents Christ and how He is the foundation of their relationship. The green represents Donna and the black, James.

Each table number was painstakingly made using a wine bottle that came from the collection we had on display in our old apartment and personalized labels. Donna and I got together to work on these one night, thinking they would be no big deal. Turns out, it is quite a feat to get labels to stick perfectly straight and smooth on a wine bottle. After a few near smashes (on purpose), we agreed that paying someone to do this would have been a good idea. Oh, well! They looked great!

This was the scene on the kitchen table while we worked. Too bad those bottles were empty!

We were so proud of this bunch!

Ready for it's close-up at the wedding!

The centerpieces were perfect! They were super low, which made for easy conversation over the table. The orchids and black rocks brought a certain elegance to the table. The ballroom was on the dark side, so the LED lights in the vase and the candles around it, made for a romantic glow that was just lovely.

The cake was a real work of art. It went perfectly with their lakeside decor and had so much personality! I only wish that I had been able to have a slice. I heard it was delicious!

Next up.. the ceremony!

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