Friday, September 2, 2011

Blogger - 1, Sarah - 0

So, remember how totally excited I was to be able to schedule my posts? Well, I scheduled them alright. For September 2012. Hah! Total fail! Since I copied & pasted, they were all scheduled that way. Really, I was just trying to build up suspense for my next post. :)

This week has been ca-ra-zyyy! Which is why I didn't even notice that my posts weren't doing anything, because I haven't even logged into Blogger. On Monday, I went back to school and the kids joined me on Tuesday. Whatever the word is for more than exhausted, that's what I was. My kiddos are too sweet but oh, how quickly I forget that they are really babies at the beginning of the year! I also started a Before-School Monitor position so I am leaving at 6am because I need to be at work a half an hour earlier and oh my word, I am tired at the end of the day! I have had a medium iced coffee and THREE diet cokes EVERY day this week. I swear I don't usually have that much caffeine! We had today off to kick off a nice four day Labor Day weekend and it was SO needed. I "slept in" until 7:00am and then did not change out of my pajamas all day. I caught up on all of my blogs and continued reading The Help (which I am loving). It was heaven.

I changed the auto-post, so hopefully this time you will have something to read this week since I can almost guarantee I will not have the brain cells to post anything again until next weekend.  Enjoy the long weekend! :)

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