Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wedding Week! The Parties!

Donna is my bestest best friend and she got married back in May*, to James. It could not have been a more gorgeous day and the setting was to die for, overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee. The details were simple and elegant, perfectly complimenting the lake setting and spring vibe. And Donna, she looked absolutely stunning!

 Before we get to the actual wedding, we had lots of parties to attend! Here are some snippets of the pre-wedding festivities.

The engagement party!

The bridal shower!

The bachelorette party!

Sorry, this is the only one you're getting!

The rehearsal dinner!

*Disclaimer: My camera isn't so hot these days so I was holding out for more pics from other people from the wedding before I went all wedding crazy on the blog. I hoped that I could use the pics from the photographer and link back to her, but I wasn't able to do so without buying all of the pictures :( That's why there is such a big time gap between the wedding and the pictures.  Regardless, enjoy!

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