Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looking for a way to avoid the morning rush hour traffic?

Get a flat tire. Then, watch all of the traffic go by from the side of the road. I would only recommend this strategy if you don't know how to change a flat tire or plan to be at work early to make photocopies. Oh, and make sure that you haven't had your coffee yet!

As I jammed out a bit/checked the traffic obsessively on my ride to to work on Monday, I noticed that the tire pressure light suddenly came on. I turned my radio down to discover the terrible noise of what could only be the sound that comes when you are driving on your rims. (hubcaps? I don't have "rims" but you catch my drift, yes?)

Since Jeff is taking a class, he was not able to come rescue me, so he asked his business partner, who so graciously dropped what he was doing to come help me out. Bless him. My job was to stand on the side of the road and pray that we didn't get killed. Those cars were FLYING. If only the traffic would move that fast when I'm actually driving in it. It was also LOUD and windy as I tried to shout my makeshift sub plans to one of my co-workers. We Co-worker extraordinaire, fixed it all up and soon enough I was on my way.

Now I'm rolling with this gem.

The good thing was that this lead me to discover that I need new tires. Lotsa $$$$ later, I'm not looking like this anymore.

I totally needed new tires so this was a blessing in disguise. I just hope that I don't have to see the side of 93 ever again. If I do though, I know I am so incredibly blessed to have the kind of guy who would make sure anything and everything is done to get me where I need to be safely. Love that man!

In other news, Jeff and I ate $55 worth of steak tips.. in 3 nights. How much meat is $55 worth? That would be 5 lbs. We were told it would feed 10 but apparently it only feeds 2... 3 times. I ordered from one of my favorite shops, expecting to have some family over for a cookout. When the plans fell through, we had a feast on repeat. It literally melted in my mouth, every.single.time. If we had more, I would make it again tonight.

If we didn't just buy new tires, I would say I am off to buy steaktips in bulk but instead I'm off to get the rest of my reality TV fix before bed. LOVING The Voice!

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