Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Remember me?

So I totally dropped the ball after I wrote my first post. I've spent a fair amount of time stalking reading other blogs this week, but then I remembered that I made my own! I hope I haven't let down any of my faithful followers. Forgive me.

So, ironically, after I came up with my totally clever blog title. I found myself in a total cooking slump, which somehow led to a grocery shopping slump, which resulted in some pretty wacky dinner choices. The best one? Italian chicken sausages & sugar snap peas. Creative. I know. The original plan was supposed to be an easy dinner anyways, but since pasta is date night status now for us now that Jeff eats gluten free, I was pretty excited about the simple italian goodness that would be waiting for us after our walk. However, Jeff decided that he would have a $4 bag of pasta for just himself when I worked late one night last week. The poor guy might have been left without choices but he sure ate like a king. And yes, gluten free pasta really is $4. So anyways, an italian date night turned into a pretty sweet flashback of the four times my mother let us buy school lunches. Now if only I could figure out how to make the square pizza that came in the white box with holes in it. What were the holes for anyways??

Tonight's dinner was much classier.. gluten free macaroni & cheese, Boston baked beans, and turkey hot dogs. I promise that I am a better cook than this! I'll make it up to you, I swear! It's just that it was raining, and I was tired, and I can only eat those types of food when it is raining or snowing. Is that weird?

We went grocery shopping last night so there should be some pretty tasty items coming up on the menu. I also have a DELISH cookie recipe to post this week. I have a field trip tomorrow (pray for me) so I can't promise anything, but I won't make you wait another week for the next post.

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