Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Friday!


Dear Good Friday, so sad that I'm missing the prayer walk at church this morning since I'm working on Good Friday for the first time ever. The bright side is that we only have a 3-hour school day. I'm okay with that!
Dear students, thanks for loading me up with Easter candy. The chocolate literally saved me yesterday and you can never go wrong with an over-sized Peep!

Dear professors, why do you give due dates for major assignments the Tuesday after Easter? It should be assumed that most of us procrastinate and many of us are working over 40 hours a week already. That combination means that we'll spend Easter weekend writing papers. Boo!

Dearest Mama, I hope you had the happiest of birthdays yesterday and that you didn't have to work too hard! Love you so much!

To my sweet Elizabeth, how will you be four tomorrow?!?! Time needs to SLOW down!

{Wasn't this just yesterday?!?}

Dear Rocky, thanks for "helping" to fold the blankets so that you could find a place to nap.

 {For the record: we usually don't have blankets and a mirror in the living room, 
but we just had new carpet installed and things are all over the place. Rocky loves it!}

Dear hubby, love you! Always!


  1. The thing I miss the most about teaching is celebrating the holidays!
    Happy Easter!

  2. I'm working today too! :( Rocky looks so cute and comfy!

  3. Look how adorable! I have a boxer named Deuce and he is fawn also (from what I can tell so if Rocky). And my best friend (also named adrienne) has a boxer mix named rocky! New GFC follower