Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snow day!

Here I am, on a Tuesday morning, sitting in my favorite spot with my favorite boy snuggled up next to me, while the snow just keeps on coming down.  This is our 6th snow day of the school year, which is a lot for this area. Luckily we start in August, so we're still getting out in mid June, which is earlier than most schools in the area. I love me a snow day, but enough is enough. At this point, we are averaging about a storm a week, with at least 6-12 inches each time. I am SO ready for this weather to be done with! 

{Just a regular day in New England!}

Spring officially starts tomorrow and this is the view from my kitchen. I'm trying to bring Spring but it's just not ready, I guess.

We're all home today for a snow day (even Rocky's daycare closed!) and apparently Jeff & I have a much different idea of what a snow day consists of. He told me he had four things to do today... finish laying the hardwood floors in the hallway, paint the trim, clear out the bedrooms, and rip up the carpets in our bedroom. I also have four things to do today, they include the couch, the DVR, my Macbook, and snuggling with my pup. Hopefully his busy work doesn't make me feel like I need to get up and be productive. 

I was really hoping our day would look something like this...

I won't get too wild and take a nap on the cable box, but you get the idea.

Happy Snow day to my New England friends & Happy Almost Spring to everyone else! :)

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