Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend at Auntie's!

I'm linking up with Kelly for Show us your Life ~ Nieces and Nephews! My absolute favorite thing in the world is that I get to be Auntie Sarah. My sweet niece Elizabeth stole my heart almost four years ago and I fall more in love with her all the time. I'm also really lucky that I have so many close friends that let me be Auntie to their sweet babies ~ I absolutely adore Devin, Gemma, Mason & Tessa.

Last weekend, we got to spend the whole weekend with my sweet Elizabeth since my sister is away for a new job training (SO excited for her!). Elizabeth is smart, funny, and just the sweetest thing. She loves her Uncle Jeff and cousins Rocky & Princess. In fact, every time my cat Princess came downstairs Elizabeth would stop what she was doing and say, "There's my favorite girl!" She's such a love and she had us laughing all weekend. I can't believe this little sweetie is going to be 4 this month!

She loved cheering on Uncle Jeff & Rocky while they were on their morning run.

Rocky loved staying close by to wait for a surprise treat.

Puppy kisses!

She's finally more comfortable with Rocky and clearly he's pretty comfortable, too.
Rocky enjoyed Elizabeth's stay because she always left snacks behind on her seat!

Peeking out from backstage!

Loving the big kid slide!

Performing a puppet show!

Loving the bounce house!

After a long day, winding down with Uncle Jeff. Too tired to take her heels off.

My loves.

We had so much fun and I wouldn't mind having her stay every weekend!

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