Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston, you're my home.

Today I had the intention of posting my 17 week 'Bump'date, but all I can do right now when I touch my belly is praise God that my sweet baby is still safe and sound inside of me. Some mama's don't get to say that tonight. 

On September 11, 2001, I was in high school and I remember watching the news and trying to grasp how much my world was changing. I live a relatively short distance from New York and knowing that some of the planes left from Boston took away some of the only security I knew. Though I was too young to truly understand the impact of the situation at the time, like most Americans, the images of that day are forever burned in my mind. 

On December 14, 2012, my world changed again as I sat glued to the news and watched teachers and children run in fear from an elementary school. My heart broke for those affected, which seemed to be just about everyone. Not only was the event just horrific in nature, but as a teacher, in New England, it hit too close to home. I cried and prayed and went back to school and hugged my students, assuring them that there were far too many good people in this world to protect them to be worrying about the bad people, and that we would all be okay. Weeks later, as I practiced lockdown procedures huddled with students in the back of my classroom, I prayed that what I told my students was true and that it would never come closer to home. 

On April 15, 2013, I watched as my greatest fears became a reality. Heartless acts of terrorism in my own city. Marathon Monday is one of the most celebrated days in Boston and that celebration came to an abrupt halt yesterday. I had already been watching most of the marathon but after a sudden change of events, I could not move from my TV, then from my cellphone, and my computer, waiting to hear that everyone I knew who was there, was safe. And praise God, they all are. My heart aches for those who weren't so lucky. For the innocent children and families who waited to cheer on their loved ones at the finish line. My heart breaks each time they show the precious faces of the victims, who lived only minutes from where I grew up. My heart especially aches for those who live in and love this city and woke up in fear this morning that it will never be the same again. My heart hurts for Boston.

Some of my best memories include singing Sweet Caroline at countless Red Sox games, cheering on the Bruins with my family, and losing my voice at several New Kids on the Block concerts. I've spent many nights in the city dancing and laughing with friends, running through cobblestone streets with no shoes on hoping to make it in time for a slice of pizza from my favorite pizza place in the North End before they closed. I loved being able to share my love of the city with my suburban hubby on dates that included riding our bikes countless times around the Charles River, skating on Frog Pond, and yelling at him when he rocked our canoe on the River, fearful of that I would end up with that dirty water in my hair. And of course, one of my all-time greatest memories, when Jeff proposed to me in the middle of the Boston Common on a cold, December night filled with twinkling city and Christmas lights.

While yesterday was a sad day for Boston, it was also a day full of heroism and community. Like most turbulent American tragedies, it was still so full of light. I am so proud to be from Boston and I love this city with my whole heart. I am so proud of the way that my city has reacted to this horrific tragedy. How we pulled together to make it better, making more light. Like most Bostonians, I will not let yesterday's darkness change the way I live my life. I am so blessed that I still get to enjoy everything I love about Boston and I look forward to the days when I can watch my babies enjoy the same sweet things that I enjoyed growing up. My heart will still swell with pride at Red Sox/Yankees games just as it swelled with love when Sweet Caroline played at Yankee Stadium tonight. An act full of light, showing us that even through years of playful rivalry they stand united with Boston, as do countless people and organizations around the world. As President Obama said yesterday, “Boston is a tough and resilient town; so are its people. I'm supremely confident that Bostonians will pull together, take care of each other and move forward as one proud city”. That is exactly what we will do.


  1. So well said. While I'm not from Boston, I live close enough that it has a "home away from home" feel for me. Between the shootings in CT and the bombing in Boston, these acts of violence are hitting too close to home and causing my feeling of safety to diminish.

  2. Beautifully said, thank you for expressing what so many of us are feeling. I too have a great love of Boston and am proud to call it my home. My heart has been breaking and swelling with pride all week that I fear it has tripled in size. The love and support that Boston has received from all over the world will help us remain Boston strong.