Monday, April 8, 2013

Living for the weekend


I'm always sad to see the weekend go but this week I only have to get through five school days and two grad school assignments and then I'm on vacation! It's really a stay-cation since Jeff will be working but I'll take it! :)

Jeff had a game Friday night and I thought I would just be plopped on the couch doing nothing but ended up meeting up with some neighbors and walked with our dogs for an hour and a half. The weather was spring-ish and I got a taste of summer nights in our neighborhood.

My niece celebrated her 4th birthday with a Brave party and no matter what, I still can't believe that she keeps getting older. She got her ears pierced for her birthday and she is SO proud! She also got three fish and spent time at the pet store "petting her fish" and showing them her earrings. She's too much!

Then we celebrated with one of our good friends as she turned 30! She had a fun margaritas and munchies party that was pretty cute. I seriously always love these friends & their precious babies but I couldn't love them anymore when the minute we walked in, they had a batch of mama margaritas going just for me! Oh, to have a frosty drink in my hand! It was divine!

On Sunday, we had a pretty perfect day. We did skip church but that meant that I got to lay in bed and read while I snuggled with my pup, while my husband did the grocery shopping at 8am. Oh, and I wasn't reading a textbook! I started reading "Bloom" by Kelle Hampton and I can't put it down. Love her even more!

{For the first time EVER, my two babies snuggled with me together}

Then I headed out to meet two of my bff's for brunch at a cute place down the street and it was delish. There is nothing more therapeutic than brunch with best friends.

When I came home, my in-laws unexpectedly stopped by with a present for me! My mother-in-law bought me some adorable maternity tops and a belly band! I told her that I wasn't a fan of the look of some of the maternity clothes I've seen and she was so sweet and went to the store and told the saleswoman that she needed tops that don't look maternity. Love her!

I did have to work on an FBA for school, which is currently 11 pages... WTF?! but then we got to grill cheeseburgers for dinner and end the weekend with the promise of summer. It's coming!

I also want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the love we are receiving on the news of our sweet baby! We talked all weekend about how amazing it is that so many people are already so in love with our little jellybean and that so many people are so excited to share this journey with us. We are blessed to have such wonderful friends! xoxox

Tomorrow I will be posting my first "Bump"date! I'm so excited!

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  1. sounds like you had a great weekend. wow your husband went grocery shopping at 8am, how can i get my husband to do the grocery shopping for us rather than me all the time?