Tuesday, June 18, 2013

26 week Bumpdate!

This week: It's a busy one! It's the last week of school!! Well, until summer school starts. We celebrated Father's Day and my BABY brother turned 20! Yikes!

How far along? 26 weeks! Less than 100 days to go! How did that happen?!?

Baby's size: Baby P is the size of a head of lettuce!

Total weight gain: 4 pounds

Maternity clothes? My outfits are on repeat. I just bought the dress in the picture at TJ Maxx and it's not maternity but it fits perfectly and is SO comfortable! I need to find a million more just like it.

Stretch marks: So I had some stretch marks on my hips and thighs from before pregnancy and I can't tell if I'm making it up but I think they're getting worse :( They're super small and light but I'm noticing them more now, which makes me think they are worse than they were before.

Sleep: It's okay. I mostly wake up feeling like I didn't sleep much and feeling like I can't even move because I have to pee so bad. 

Best moment this week: We celebrated Father's Day! Jeff chose his favorite breakfast place because he said, "I'm a dad now, right? So it's my day?" hah! Love that guy! He also got a teeny bit emotional when he opened his card and gift. He originally said, "Did you get me a Bjorn?!?!" He wants one so bad! haha but that will come.. Until then, how stinkin' cute are these?? He loved them!

What I miss: I wouldn't mind an icy cold beer or margarita.

Movement: SO much! It's getting more and more powerful and she is on the move all day.

Food cravings: I'm a mess, as soon as I see or hear of someone eating something, I want it immediately. I nearly polished off an entire watermelon this weekend and need to go get more ASAP, so it's probably safe to say that watermelon is the big one this week. I also can't get enough Butter Pecan iced coffee from Dunks! So good!

Food aversions: Back to meat.. particularly steak tips. Which is so weird because I LOVEEE steak tips. But I can have ground meat, burgers, nuggets, just not tips.

Gender: Daddy's girl

Belly button - in or out? In but flattening out.

Wedding rings - on or off? On!

Symptoms: Nothing new this week! Feeling pretty good!

Mood: So happy! I'm in my element!

Looking forward to: Our crib and custom bedding arriving! I. can't. wait. Um, the last day of school is looking good, too. :)

Here's a comparison from 10 weeks ago. Oh, baby!


  1. Looking good!! So sweet what you got your hubby for father's day. I really should have gotten Chris a little something, I just didn't get my act together in time. I, too am loving watermelon and pineapple!

  2. 4 pounds - I feel like a giant!! ha ha You look awesome. I love that dress. Wish we had TJ Maxx! Those onesies are so so cute. Have a virgin marg!! :) Yum.

  3. The baseball hat is so adorable! Can't wait to see pics of the crib and bedding!!

  4. ahh i am loving your grey walls! and those outfits! SO STINKING CUTE!!!!!! i cant wait to see more!

  5. Can't believe you're just now getting out of school--hope you get a break before summer school starts. The baseball outfits are adorable!

  6. You look great!! :) Love those cut outfits too! I could not eat red meat thru my whole pregnancy....it really grossed me out. Now, 4 weeks later, I still can't eat it! :(

  7. You look SO CUTE! I love that dress! :) And the baby onesies... DYING! SO CUTE! :)

  8. SUPER cute dress!! It looks great on you :-) Love the onesies too!!

  9. OMG...how stinkin cute are you!!! LOVE those onsies....I will have to copy you if Baby H is a girl!! :)

  10. yay!! it's so funny looking at people's maternity photos because it seems like that was me just days ago. how is our little guy almost four months old?! i hope the last <100 days go so fast. also, cheers for only gaining four pounds! i wish i could say that happened to me. :)