Wednesday, June 26, 2013

27 week Bumpdate!

This week: Mama's a little tired this week. I am trying to enjoy the three days that I have off between regular school and summer school but that has consisted of housework, errands, appointments, then collapsing in exhaustion. I am SO glad to be saying peace out to the first of two grad classes this summer. I had my glucose test yesterday and I have to say, it wasn't what I thought it would be. Maybe I'm a weirdo but I thought it was pretty good. It tasted like a teeny drink from back in the day. Yum! Still, let's hope I don't hear from the doctor's office.

How far along? 27 weeks!

Baby's size: Baby P is the size of a rutabaga! I tried to find a rutabaga at the grocery store but these fruit and veggie comparisons are getting out of control.

Total weight gain: I'm up one pound as of yesterday's appointment for a total of 5 lbs. Please don't throw rutabaga's at me, I have no effin' clue how it's happening. My doctor said I am doing a good job with weight gain and to remember that my metabolism is working harder right now. Where was the fast metabolism after college? wtf

Maternity clothes? Still mixing regular dresses, yoga pants, and long tanks with maternity tanks. If I don't wash everything every 4-5 days, I have nothing. It's too hot to go shopping, though.

Stretch marks: Belly is stretch mark free!

Sleep: Some nights I'm not sure if I'm even sleeping. I wake up and my face is puffed out and looks like I got in a fight. Jeff started letting Rocky in our bed - bad news, I know - and even though he's so damn cute and a pretty good snuggler, he's stealing my blanket and pregnancy pillow. I'm also up to pee, usually at least once sometimes more.

My spot seems to be getting smaller

Best moment this week: We got our first gifts sent to us off the baby registry and having real baby gear in the house brings it to a whole new level.  Last week was also the last week of school and my co-workers threw a little shower for me and they were too sweet and so generous. They ordered from my favorite pizza place and had all pink everything. Some of my students also gave me baby gifts instead of an end of the year gift. I don't work in the type of school where I am loaded up on end of the year gifts. Some kids make cards and sometimes a Dunks gift card or two rolls in but this year, there were some flowers and baby gifts! As in, Babies R' Us gift cards and adorable outfits for my sweet thing. It just blows my mind that these 10 year olds went out of their way to pick out gifts for my baby. Love.

Rocky's already on duty in his baby sister's room.
(The red compressor in the back is a sign of the finishing touches in the room!)

What I miss: Sleep. Getting out of bed without breaking a sweat. Doing anything without breaking a sweat. This heat wave needs to chillax.

Movement: She's a wiggler! She was all over the place after I drank my glucose drink yesterday. I also had my first painful kicks earlier in the week. Sharp twinges on my bladder? or cervix? Something down low that shouldn't be kicked.

Food cravings: The colder the better.. ice cream, slush, popsicles, super cold water & apple juice with lots of ice. Oh, and I just had to have cinnamon powdered donuts. Seriously, pregnant women shouldn't be allowed to grocery shop.

Food aversions: Nothing new.

Gender: Baby girl!

Belly button - in or out? In but weird. Sometimes when I take a deep breath, my belly button pushes out. Jeff told me recently that he's glad that his belly is such an innie because then it won't pop out. Um, what?

Wedding rings - on or off? On but getting a bit snug in this heat. I may need to make the call soon.

Symptoms: Even though it's hot as hell, I'm feeling pretty good. If I don't have cankles, it's a good day. My biggest complaint is not being able to get out of bed without breaking a sweat. I swear some nights when I'm trying to get out to go to the bathroom, I'm pushing off the dog's head, Jeff's booty, anything to get me off the bed before my bladder explodes.

Mood: Happy! In love!

Looking forward to: Putting baby girl's crib together! Of course, we have to get the crib first. It's ready for pick up and I have the most hilarious story to share this week; the first time I almost peed my pants during this pregnancy. The bedding should be here TODAY and I am so excited!! We also just booked out next ultrasound, which I wasn't sure when/if we would get, so that is awesome. I'm also really looking forward to next week.. Jeff just told me that he's on schedule to finish a big job by Monday and most likely closing the office for the second half of next week. I can't wait for us to both have some time off together, this never happens! 


  1. Such cute clothes!! LOVE girlie clothes! Glad the drink wasn't so bad!! I am with ya for cold things and it's not even that hot here yet! Love Rocky!!

  2. Such adorable outfits! And so sweet of them to get them for you! Yay for passing the glucose test! WHOOP!

  3. dear lord i cant wait to see her nursery! especially after seeing that huge compressor! lol!
    my drink was orange and i LOVED it! yum yum!

  4. You got some super cute clothes! I can't wait to see how your nursery turns out!! Also, you are doing awesome in the weight gain department. I just had to stop counting, and remind myself that I will just have to go into major workout mode after I have my baby!!