Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday

It's the first day of summer and the last day of school. Sounds like a perfect Friday! :)

I'm linking up for Five on Friday for the first time this week because let's face it, I love me a link-up and  the only type of blogging I can do right now is the random kind.

{one} Did you catch that first sentence? First day of summer, last day of school. Is there a more perfect pair?! I have never been more ready to say goodbye to a class than I was today. It was actually really weird because it is usually so hard to let those babies go off into the world without me but this year's group challenged me in every way possible and that made it a little easier to go our separate ways. They taught me things about myself that I didn't know and of patience. They taught me how some children just need more and that sometimes so many of them need more that it's okay to completely overhaul my teaching style to accommodate them. They also showed me compassion in so many ways, even when it wasn't always obvious. While it was the toughest group that I've had, I still found myself today with armloads of flowers, thoughtful baby gifts, and sweet fifth graders, and they reminded me that all is good in the world. 

{two} This happened this week.

Leave it to a pregnant woman to walk into the store to pick up milk, see a gallon of slush, buy it, but then panic that it's not real "slush" and still go to the ice cream shop to get one. In case you're wondering, it's real, it's just not 'easy scoop' as advertised.

{three} We got our first baby gifts sent to the house this week off of our registry and received gifts on three out of five days this week. People have been so generous and having baby stuff in the house makes it even more real. I am beside myself waiting for the email that the crib is in. Can't. frickin. wait.

Um, seriously? I can't stand it.

{four} I did a little more of this than usual this week..

Is there anything better than family nap time in the afternoon? Doubt it.

{five} We're loving that our beloved Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals and we may be moving a little slower than usual this week from an obscene amount of overtimes on work nights. But seriously, how cute are my boys? Love.

Happy Friday, loves!


  1. Yay for the end of school!! Haha you sound like me in the grocery store- I always manage to wonder into the dessert aisle :)
    Those shoes are sooo cute!!

  2. You are right, there is NOTHING better then afternoon family naps!! I hope our baby agrees because otherwise we might have some issues!!
    I am convinced that I am going to live on Italian ice while in labor since they don't let you have anything!!

  3. Ohmygosh those cute little shoes!!!! Ahhhh!!!