Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was pretty good, minus the fact that it was a million degrees.

Friday night, the baseball team Jeff coaches had a playoff game, so Rocky and I went. It was ridiculously hot and they ended up losing, no fun. We still enjoyed the game and Rocky especially enjoyed waiting for a baseball to come near him.

 He is not often found without an ear flipped over.

Saturday started off with me working on a paper for grad school and Jeff working on the stairs. We had intentions of shopping and starting our registry but things went off course. Jeff was using a product that he swore was safe, as long as the house was well-ventilated. Well-ventilated, as in, turn off the central air on a 90* day. Well, I started getting a headache and made him double-check the label, which apparently he never single-checked and it said right on it, "not safe for pregnant women". You can imagine the scene in our house but I wasn't happy. I lugged my laptop, papers, books, iced coffee, and the dog outside to keep working. I almost died in the heat and decided that as soon as I finished, I was heading to my parents house. They live on the beach and I needed some refreshment. I also needed to get away from Jeff before I threw something at him.  :)   (For the record, he apologized profusely but seeing as he was in the middle of the stairs, he had no option but to continue.)

I ended up having a lovely little impromptu beach day with my mom, sister, and niece. It was perfect and just what I needed to cool off and cool down. First beach day of the season. Bring it!

Is she not the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen?!

I ended up finishing my paper later with the Bruins over Chipotle chips and guac. Not so bad.

Sunday morning, we had plans with friends that were cancelled last minute so I was a lazy bones and stayed in my nice cool bed checking out nursery plans. Jeff finished the stairs and we headed to the Border Cafe for lunch, then to Pottery Barn Kids and Crate and Barrel. I am on a mission to get a crib and a glider ordered. I never should have started Jeff in PBK because now he wants to BUILD the crib. He is pretty handy, I'll give him that, but there are so many safety standards to keep in mind, that it makes me nervous. Hopefully we can find something cheaper at Babies 'R Us soon. 

 He looks good waiting for a baby girl!

Despite the bright spots, I'll take a cooler weekend next time. I wonder if the heat had any effect on my emotions this weekend, too. They were all over the damn place. This preggo isn't going to make it until September unless someone turns the heat down a few notches.

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  1. oh what a beautiful beach!
    i complain about not having hot nice weather but at the end of the day i know its a struggle when you mix heat with pregnancy!
    good luck on your crib search, cant wait to see what you pick!

  2. least you got to go to the beach this weekend! I can picture that same scene going on in my house with the "not safe for pregnant women" product. Sounds like you still had a pretty fun weekend though! :)

  3. Good luck on the crib search! :) Babies R Us has some great options! That's where we got ours!

  4. Yikes on your crib search! If my husband offered to build the crib I would fall over laughing (he's not handy) but maybe just go to Ikea, that's *almost* like having to build it! :) Hope you find a great option at BRU!