Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Mother Nature, what the eff is going on? It was freezing and raining for Memorial Day weekend and now it's muggy and in the 90's. What happened to spring? What happened to taking it easy on pregnant women? Jeesh!

Dear blog friends, it has been such a blessing to find a group of girls that are not only going through the same stages of life and pregnancy with me, but who are genuine, down to earth girls that I am lucky to 'know'. Your comments and emails have kept me laughing and given me great advice and genuine excitement over my baby girl. This is why blogging is so awesome.

Dear baseball seasons, why must you always run right into each other? Maybe it has something to do with my husband's coaching skills but when your husband coaches two teams, you look forward to the week or two lull in between seasons. Thanks to playoffs, there is no lull. Boo! 

Dear Princess, thanks for tolerating Rocky more and more each day. It is so precious to watch the two of you. I can't promise I won't keep trying to take pictures of him licking your head but I do promise to step in if I see that you're getting annoyed. 

Dear Rocky, I am so glad that you are feeling better! My heart hurt for you last weekend and I hope to never see you so uncomfortable again. I'm so glad to see that you're back to your silly self.

my boys

Dear Jeff, thanks for doing what you do for us, even when you're gone from the house for 12 hours a day. I know I gave you a laundry list of the things you don't do last night, but maybe that was the prego-chick-who-needed-a-bowl-of-ice-cream-pronto part of me talking. What you do to my heart and soul is so much greater than remembering to change the litter box.

Dear baby girl, you continue to amaze me each week. I love that I am starting to learn when you are most active and can feel and watch your strong kicks in my belly. I don't love it when you tap dance on my bladder but I get that your long legs need to go somewhere. Now if you could just let your daddy feel your kicks, we would all be so happy. He is patiently waiting. It is so much fun to be planning your nursery and imagining the girl you are going to be. Mama loves you baby!


  1. ahhh CRAZY weather all of the country. NO fun. And I am sure it even takes a bigger toll on the pregnant ladies around! Congrats on your little girl.

    Found you via the link uip and am a new follower now!


    1. I have been following for a while. but just wanted to say hello again!

  2. I just started following you sweet girl & congrats on your upcoming pregnancy. Is it your first?

  3. I agree with the crazy weather! and especially on us pregnant women...all of a sudden my feet are swelling up and it feels like August!

  4. Sounds like your really enjoying your pregnancy ... you must be one of those gorgeously glowing pregnant woman :) Hope youve had a fab week!