Tuesday, May 21, 2013

22 week Bump Date!

Nursery sneak peek! :)

This week: I am enjoying a bit of a break in between semesters. I also received my grades.. a 3.7 and 4.0. Woo! In other news, my rings are starting to get a bit tight and my belly button is making it's move!

How far along? 22 weeks! 

Baby's size: Baby P is the size of a papaya!

Total weight gain: Total of 3 pounds at 18 week appt. 

Maternity clothes? Rocking the dresses as much as possible. I just had my first maternity shopping spree in Target. Why don't they make the same clothes that everyone else wears, in maternity?

Stretch marks: No. I have a couple small ones on my thighs that are old and I am suddenly nursing them like crazy. I never cared much about them until I had this arsenal of stretch mark cream. It's a curse.

Sleep: Mostly good. Not great. Just good.

Best moment this week: The little things... laying in the hammock in the sun feeling my baby girl kick in my belly.

What I miss: A normal body heat. I am roasting.

Movement: Yes! Loving feeling my baby girl's kicks!

Food cravings: Back to pink lemonade & limeade. Soft serve twist with chocolate jimmies. I think I really just like anything cold.

Food aversions: Meat. Gross.

Gender: Sweet baby girl!

Symptoms: I am hot, hot, hot. All the time.

Mood: SO happy! SO in love with our baby girl!

Looking forward to: Registering for baby! And a long weekend :)


  1. Looking good!! I loved feeling all those little kicks. So sweet!

  2. YAY! Love that wall color! Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the room! :) I couldn't eat meat my entire pregnancy either. SO gross.

  3. Look at you! Lookin' all adorable and stuff..and least one of us is. Haha. I totally agree about being so HOT! I made my husband put the AC on last night because I was roasting. I felt bad because he was freezing, but I was dying and sweating to death. Supposed to be almost 90 here this week..I totally could NOT handle being pregnant in the summer.

  4. I can't wait to see the nursery!! :) And I hear you on the heat and the rings getting tight. So sad!! :(

  5. You look so cute! How have you managed to only gain 3lbs?!

  6. You look so great!! Enjoy registering!

  7. yay for nursery sneak peaks! you look so cute!

  8. You are glowing and you can tell that you're loving pregnancy right now. I've been really hot lately too--it was almost 90 degrees yesterday and even with our air conditioning and ceiling fan on last night, I woke up sweating...ugh, it might be a long summer for us!

  9. Looking good!! You're just going to have to get sun dresses to live in all summer!

  10. Congrats on that little GIRL papaya baby :) Andddd now I want everything you're craving.