Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Letters

I guess you could say I'm kinda skipping Day 3 of the May challenge because to be perfectly honest, not much makes me uncomfortable. I've had people walk in on me in the bathroom, lost my bathing suit top once at Hampton Beach, lost my bottoms in a lake, and have been involved in some really weird he said/she said parent arguments at meetings and nothing seems to make me flinch. Maybe when you work in a middle school you truly start to see it all and uncomfortable situations become the norm. Centipedes make me squirmish but not necessarily uncomfortable because once I beat them to death with my shoe, I can go on with my life. That's all. :)

On to the letters! Happy Friday y'all!


Dear Friday, hello lover! We have a great weekend planned and the weather is nice. Hallelujah!

Dear 93, thanks for taking it easy on me this week. Hell must have frozen over somewhere because traffic has only added 5 minutes to my commute every day. More time for me in the morning and family at night. Heaven.

Dear Honey Dew Donuts, thanks for coming up with the Mocha Madness iced coffee. Whosoever idea it was to mix iced coffee and chocolate milk together is a genius! It is all I have wanted every morning this week and it was glorious!

Dear Rosy, thanks for squeezing me in today! My roots are hella long thanks to my hair growing at an abnormally fast rate right now and I need some highlights something fierce.

Dear Princess, thanks for being so sweet last night. You kept my feet so perfectly warm while I slept and I know that's not normally your style.

Dear Baby P, you are all I can think about and all I can dream about. I fell even more in love with you last night, watching you kick your long legs all over the place! You sure didn't get that from me! I am so amazed that something so perfect could be growing inside of me. Next week, though, Mama needs you to be more cooperative so that we can see all your parts! Especially that precious face! Love you to the moon baby cakes!

Dearest hubby, I love you more and more when I think of what an amazing father you will be. It was so precious to watch your face during our ultrasound and to see how anxious you were to catch a glimpse of our sweet baby, even if you really didn't know what you were looking at. You're going to be the best daddy! Love you more than words!

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