Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gender Reveal Party: It's a . . . . .

This Mother's Day was a very memorable one! Jeff and I hosted a gender reveal party for our families and we had the BEST time! Seriously, looking at the pictures and video makes me feel the same way I do when I look at our wedding pictures and video. It was so special to share this time with our families. I had been debating whether or not I wanted to find out the gender of our baby but Jeff really really wanted to know. As he tried to convince me, I slowly changed my mind, if and only if we could have a gender reveal party. I wanted all the hoopla that comes along with waiting to find out the gender and I definitely got it. We kept it to a simple cookout and it was perfect. Here is the recap of our big day...

Snack table with pink & blue punch

Yummy cake that my mom made

My sweet baby!

Mama & Daddy rockin' the pink & blue!

We asked everyone to wear pink or blue depending on their guess at the gender.
Jeff insisted on the mismatch look so that he didn't give it away with his outfit!

My Mama and I loving on Baby P

My sister and niece rocking the "Team Boy" shirts!

I think it's been maybe 10 years since a baby boy in my family.
My siblings and niece

Such a goof!

These two are best buds!

 Brothers & Sisters


My sweet girl!

Funny story.. she was laying the hammock and she said, "I'm so excited for a girl cousin!" So I said, "but you have a Team Boy shirt on!" and she replied, "Ya, well it has these stars on it that are girl colors so I hope it's a girl." 
Haha she kills me!

Big Brother taking a break from all the excitement

 Elizabeth loves taking Rocky for a walk, he was loving all the attention!


It's been a while since our family has seen a baby boy... clearly blue is going strong!

Finally.. the big reveal!

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!

Love the expressions! Everyone was SO surprised!

Someone's excited to have a sister!

The aftermath!

Loving our GIRL!

Couldn't miss out on a Bump pic! Neither could Jeff! :)

Tell me that's not the sweetest thing you ever saw!

I am so in love with my BABY GIRL!

We had the best time celebrating and our family is so thrilled to welcome a new baby girl! It was hilarious when immediately after seeing pink everyone wanted to change their shirt and talk about bows and dresses! SO many people thought boy that we talked about whether or not it would be weird if everyone showed up in blue but it just made the reveal that much more special because everyone was so genuinely surprised and excited.

This was such a fun and special day for us and we are SO glad that we did a gender reveal!

I wanted something different that I hadn't seen before for the reveal and I found what I was looking for on Etsy. I ordered the push-pop party poppers from Gender Reveal on Etsy. I would highly recommend it! The only thing is that you need both hands so pictures of the actual reveal are limited. I am so glad we got the video! :)

It was a long day for the Big Brother!


  1. Congrats on your new baby girl!!

    They're so much fun! I'm due in October with my 2nd girl.

    New follower. :)

  2. Congrats on the baby girl!!! SO many girls are being born this year!! I love the cake, looks yummy and I also love that you wore pink AND blue:)

  3. Aww congratulations on your baby girl!!!! Love the pictures and video!!

  4. Congratulations! Love that video! So excited for you!!

  5. Cutest party! Love it so much, congrats!

    Karen A

  6. omg how cute! I love how everyone at the party thought it was a boy. thanks for making this pregnant lady tear up.hehe :)

  7. Congratulations, what a lovely party :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

  8. Congrats on the baby girl and what an adorable gender reveal party!


  9. Love your party! I do ultrasounds and always love it when my patients are planning a gender reveal party :)

    Congrats on the baby girl.


  10. Aw. Congrats! What a fun way to reveal the gender! :)

    The Grass Skirt

  11. YAY!! :) Congratulations!!!!! Such a cute party!!

  12. New follower!
    Loved your gender reveal! So fun and exciting. Our little girl is due July 14th!

  13. Congratulations on your baby girl! What a fun and exciting way to announce your news!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS! Every girl needs to have a baby girl, it's so incredible! Your party looks like it was so fun! AND your niece! Could she be any more gorgeous? Congrats again lady and thanks for linking up!!!

  15. Such a fun way to announce!! And yay for baby girls! How exciting!! When are you due (I could probably wander around to try and find that, but I'm lazy).

  16. so cute, love the confetti idea! congrats!

  17. Just got back from vacation and am so excited to see you're having a girl!! You are looking great and I love the party poppers...I'd never seen those before!

  18. Woohoo!!! So exciting!! It's about time we have some girls to balance out all these little boys I keep hearing about!

  19. So, as you now, i was totally team Green...but this video is making me feel otherwise. I totally LOVE the idea of the confetti poppers!

  20. LOVE this!! I sooo want to do a gender reveal but am sure I just won't be able to wait to tell!! 50 more days until we know!!