Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What the eff Wednesday

I had no intention of checking my blog this morning because I had a busy morning at school but there are lots of things that are making me say What the eff?! and I need to write them down so I doesn't slip out.

This morning I was excited to grab jeans for our early release day at school, paired with a loose tank, since my students still don't know I'm prego. Loose tank #1.. stain on the front. Loose tank # 2.. too short. Loose tank # 3.. not loose anymore. What the eff?!

Last week I managed to not hit traffic to or from work every single day. This week.. I managed to find myself amidst all the lunatics who are texting and making their damn breakfast while driving and still have time to slow down to sneak a peek at the poor fool who doesn't know how to change a tire on the side of the road. What the eff?! Sidenote: I was once the poor fool on the side of the road and much to the dismay of my father and husband, still don't know how to change a flat. Still, keep it moving people.

We have state testing 4 out of 5 days this week. The one day we don't have testing, we have an early release day and our schedule is shot to shit. What the eff?!

I thought last night was my last grad class this semester. Apparently we are coming back for one more. The professor's consoling words? "At least you don't have a 200 question final." Um, no, that's because I'm not in med school or law school. Who gives a 200 question final? What the eff?!

I'm pretty sure I had a damn hot flash in class last night. My body is like an oven and baby needed 3 gallons of water last night. Thousands of dollars in tuition a year and we can't get a working AC? What the eff?!

I got a letter this morning about the status of my teaching license. You know, the one I renewed LAST JULY. Then I tried to log into the website and my account timed out because I used the wrong password. What the eff?!

Here's the real, shit in your hat and put it on your head cherry on top. I had a few extra minutes this morning so I stopped at Honey Dew for my healthy breakfast.. Mocha Madness Iced Coffee, apple juice, and sausage egg & cheese on a croissant. The woman was all confused that I wanted a cup with ice for my apple juice, so I became dead focused on the cup with ice. Remember, my body is an oven? I DROVE AWAY WITHOUT MY SANDWICH. I found out when I go to work, with no time to turn around and pick up the sandwich THAT I ALREADY PAID FOR. What the effin' eff?!



  1. i HATE days like this.
    im boycotting blogging today because im in such a WHAT THE EFF mood from last night.
    so sorry you forgot your sammie at the store! at this point, i would have cried.

  2. haha, pregnancy brain on the sandwich!