Saturday, May 11, 2013

He or She, what will it be?

We are so excited to share the baby's gender with our families tomorrow for Mother's Day! In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the old wives tales and see how accurate they are. I've been hearing the craziest things and everyone is guessing what they think Baby P is. I chose some of the wives tales that I heard most often or that seemed to be the most popular.

Chinese Gender Predictor (Try it here!)

This chart uses the mother's birthday and date of conception and makes a prediction based on the two. According to this tale... GIRL!

Baby's Heart Rate

Apparently, if the baby's heart rate is over 140, it's a girl. If the baby's heart rate is under 140, it's a boy. Recent heart rates... 155, 166, 166, 168. According to this tale... GIRL!

Sweet or Salty

Some people think that if you're craving sweet foods, it's a girl, while salty foods means it's a boy. I've always loved salty over sweet and that hasn't changed. According to this tale... BOY!

Mayans Gender Predictor

According to the Mayans, the mothers age at conception and year of conception were considered to determine gender. If both are even or odd, it's a girl. If one is even and one is odd, it's a boy. According to this tale... GIRL!

Seeing Spots

If you're breaking out during pregnancy, it is believed that a little girl is taking your beauty away. My face has been breaking out more than usual. According to the tale... GIRL!

Queasy Peasy

Intense morning sickness is believed to go hand in hand with little girls. If you avoided morning sickness, it's a boy! According to this tale... BOY!

How low can you go?

Lots of people tend to say that if you're carrying high, it's a girl. If you're carrying low, it's a boy. I'm not totally sure on this one but it seems that I'm carrying higher than I thought I would be. According to this tale... GIRL!

Sister, Sister

If your husband has more sisters than brothers, it's a girl. If he has more brothers than sisters, it's a boy. My husband has twin sisters. According to this tale... GIRL!

All Belly or All Over?

It's been said that if your weight gain is just in the belly, it's a boy. If you're gaining all over, it's a girl. I've only gained 3 pounds but it's all belly. According to this tale... BOY!

The Girls

This one was new to me but I thought it was funny. If you're chest is growing a lot, it's a boy. If it stays the same, it could be a girl. My girls are most definitely large and in charge. According to this tale... BOY!

Considering that some of these actually contradict themselves depending on the website that you go to, it's only for fun. WebMD suggests that the only way to accurately predict the baby's gender is to get an ultrasound. Hah!

What do you think? Were any of the old wives tales true for you?


  1. So funny because I heard opposite about the boob thing. Bigger boobs means girl. For me it's true.. lol and I haven't heard of the Chinese Gender predictor being wrong yet!

  2. I only gained in my belly, craved salty foods, and had horrible morning sickness and had a boy. So...maybe there is something to the old wives' tales? I am so excited for you to find out the gender. What a perfect day for it! :)

    The Grass Skirt Blog

  3. Chinese gender chart was spot on for I think you're having a girl!

  4. most were true for me! a few chinese gender charts told me different things so i couldnt go by that but i swear like 2 days after my BFP i just KNEW. i had a feeling the whole time. and i was right on! have a great mommys day and reveal with the fam!

  5. Nope, hardly any were true for me! Glad they were able to see his or her "parts" this time :) Excited to read your gender announcement!

  6. None of them were true for me- they all said Girl and I'm having a Boy- it was still so fun to play though!! Can't wait to hear!