Tuesday, July 16, 2013

30 week Bumpdate!

I had to include my shadow since he is literally always at my feet.
I think he's annoyed with my camera, like I am. 

This week: I'm feeling much better than last week! Not an eventful week but the excitement is growing with each week!

How far along? 30 weeks! Holy moly!

Baby's size: Baby P is the size of a cucumber!

Total weight gain: 5 pounds.. next week's appointment will be the next weigh-in.

Maternity clothes? I tried to shop more but maternity clothes suck. I'm in love with the long & lean tanks from Target. They're on sale for $6 this week so I stocked up.

Stretch marks: On my thighs :(

Sleep: Not too bad actually. The only issue this week is that I hate waking up for work in the morning. I'm getting up about twice a night but can fall right back to sleep.

Best moment this week: Dresser - check! Bookshelf - check! Got Jeff to actually look at comfy gliders - check! It's starting to really look like a baby will live here! I also finally bought two little outfits for baby girl and I can't even stand the cuteness. For real. This is going to be a problem!

What I miss: I'm okay right now :)

Movement: Oh, yes. I'm waiting to see a body part but sometimes I'll get a really hard spot that kinda sticks out and I'm trying to identify what it is. Probably a bum.

Food cravings: Cold, cold, cold treats, and fruit. This week has been awful with seeing food that someone else has and wanting it immediately. I bought Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks because of that this week. I'd also like onion rings, shaved ice, and more fruit, thanks to my fellow preggos. I may need an Instagram hiatus.

Food aversions: Nothing new.

Gender: All girl!

Belly button - in or out? Mostly in, sometimes flat, and sometimes it pops out for just a minute.

Wedding rings - on or off? Still on

Symptoms: Still having some pain in my pelvis. It's not as bad as it was but of course I googled it and now I'm sure that I have symphysis pelvis disorder. I'm probably making it up. Google is not the friend of a pregnant woman. This is what happens when your pregnancy is uneventful, you start making stuff up when the tiniest thing feels off.

Mood: Feeling much better than last week! I finally bought a couple of outfits for baby girl and that got me SO excited!!!

Looking forward to: Busy week planned! I have lots of lunch dates and friends' baby snuggling on the books for the week! :) We also have an ultrasound at our appointment on Monday! Can't wait to see my precious girl!



  1. I thought I had PSD when I was preggo too.....I felt like I was being stabbed in my hoo-ha all the time...it was the worst pain!! :( Thankfully it went away as soon as I gave birth!! So you have that to look forward to :) I craved cold stuff and shaved ice also...especially in this insane heat!!! You look great and you are so close!!!

  2. Too funny! I bought Fruit Loops this weekend! Total preggo problems. :)

  3. So funny! Congrats on your upcoming addition!


  4. aw, love your 'shadow'...what a cutie! and 30 weeks, it's going by so fast!

  5. I'm thinking of taking an Instagram break too..gives me all kinds of cravings and I'm not even pregnant! Can't believe how far along you are! So excited for you!!

  6. You will be having her before you know it! You look great & your so close to being able to hold her in your arms :)

  7. You look awesome, love that tank top I have fruit loops in the cupboard and have yet to have any....mmmm.

  8. Looking good :) wow 6 bucks is a steal ! good job on stocking up at Target!

    we love ingrid and isabel cami tanks! super comfy and stretch too! we put them in some of our bundles :) also the belly band to allow mom-to-be to wear her regular pants for as long as possible !

  9. I must find these tanks!!! Totally agree maternity clothes blow. Thank God for Target having cute cheap normal clothes.

  10. You look awesome, sista! I'm so excited for you! And I totally need your instagram account to follow! Mine is @karlyleavitron!


  11. Hi! I'm a new follower, I'm also a coaches wife but football!! Congrats on your pregnancy, looks like your little girl will be before you know it! Look forward to following along.

  12. Haha, maternity clothes DO suck! I remember feeling the exact same way. I mean, can't someone make some cute (and affordable) preggo clothing? It doesn't seem like it would be that hard!!! Fortunately, you just a few weeks to go, so don't be too tempted to waste any more money on the maternity stuff. And my dog photobombed all of my bump pics too - my poor hubby had to take a trillion photos each week because she kept running into the shot to sit on my feet:)

  13. Looking beautiful mama! Those long and lean tanks from Target were my best friends; so much cheaper than maternity clothes! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! I swear the end of mine flew by and now I actually miss all of the movements :)

  14. Oh maternity clothes. So dumb. :) I hear ya about waking up in the morning... it is SO HARD.

  15. good luck at your ultrasound on Monday! 10 more weeks?! I can't believe it!

  16. You look great! I didn't know those tanks were on sale at Target this week! I need to go stock up...Thanks!

  17. YAY!!!! In the 30s!!!!! Can't wait to join you in a few days (:

  18. 30 weeks- so close!! Sounds like you've made good progress on the nursery. Little girls clothes are so much fun I don't know how you don't shop 24/7- little boys stuff is so much harder. Maternity clothes are awful- I'm so happy to be away from them!

  19. You look so great! I have to check out those tanks at Target since I could use a few. You sure did have an eventful and productive week, why do I always feel like you're way more productive than me... can you guys come help us? K thanks, see you tomorrow :)