Monday, July 15, 2013

Our weekend

I feel like the summer weekend madness hasn't quite started yet for us. This is partially due to Jeff's baseball season but we also just don't have anything really until later in the summer. Of course, we've had parties, cookouts, and plans but in a couple weeks, things will really get crazy. In two weeks, it will start to be busy until baby! Until then we are trying to get baby stuff (and unfortunately, grad school stuff) done in between baseball games. 

Friday night I was SO happy to have Jeff home with me, since three out of five nights last week he didn't get home until after 9:30 because of baseball. Our night ended up consisting of sitting on the couch, him sleeping, Rocky snoring, and me wondering what the heck happened to our Friday nights. I'd like to blame it on the pregnancy but I wasn't the one sleeping or snoring.

Saturday, I had a paper to write and Jeff had baseball so we planned for an IKEA date that night. I was nervous about what Jeff would think about IKEA but he seemed to have a ton of fun. He kept trying to cut people off by cutting through the model rooms and thought it was hilarious. Then he was riding around on the cart in the warehouse and telling the employees that he was a first-timer. I think he was just on a high because of how cheap our purchase was. We bought a dresser for the nursery and we went with the smaller version and it was only $200. He loves not spending all our money. We went to Uno's for dinner and I don't think I've ever ordered a deep dish pizza but I was loving it.

{Pretend there's a picture of Jeff joyfully gliding through IKEA with one leg sticking straight off the back of the cart - remember, my iPhone screen is broken? no pics. so sad}

Sunday we built the dresser! By we, I obviously mean Jeff. One more piece of furniture checked off the list! 

This is how we help.

I meant to go to Jeff's game after but it was too damn hot so I went shopping instead. Since I broke a sweat walking from the car to Target, I immediately got an Icee and life was good. I bought the bookcase for the nursery and stocked up on some more long & lean tanks. A good trip. Now we just need a glider and to figure out what size prints to order for the nursery! It feels SO good! I just need to convince Jeff that it's worth it to splurge on the big, comfy glider since we did everything else a little cheaper. This is going to be hard.

It's starting to come together!

We are in the process of finishing a major renovation on our second floor and the very last thing to be added is a window in the new back bedroom. We ordered it last weekend and Jeff started cutting the hole in the wall tonight. I cannot wait for it to be finished and to FINALLY show pictures of my house! I realized while planning the nursery that there is not one single room in the house that we consider to be "done". We have definitely put way more thought and time into the nursery than any other room so now I keep adding to a list that is my "Nesting to-do List". I have these big dreams that when I really start nesting, I can finalize some of the little details in the other rooms, take pictures, and be done! We obviously have more projects on the list but some are so small that it will be what finishes each room. Let's hope my nesting kicks it up a notch.

Jeff named this room the "Mad Dog Gym" since I banned wrestling from the baby's room.
These two are always up to no good, even when they're working.

We finished our night with some RHONJ and we were both mad that they didn't show the fight between the Joes. So annoying. 

Another 90+ degree week coming up! Stay cool my friends!

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  1. Hahaha - my husband was SO frustrated that they didn't show the fight between the Joe's. Those little Italian men just can't do anything with fighting, can they? The dresser looks great - it's so fun to find good deals! And I fully support you splurging on the comfy glider. You will definitely need it if your little princess is anything like my little man. He just LOVES to be rocked, so we have gotten good use out of our glider!!!

  2. sounds like a fun but HOT weekend :) and yay for getting a comfy glider!!!! xox

  3. Not loving that I don't get to see/talk to you as much as I'd like (several times daily that would be ;)) BUT loving that I still know what is going on in your life because of this blog that you have been so good at keeping up with. I get butterflies thinking of baby P and super excited that you are showing the progress of the nursery. By the way, that dresser fits great in that space. Now all you need is a changing pad and baby P has a place to sleep and to be changed! Love you xoxox

  4. oh i love ikea. it is home of the pregnant women i swear.
    we have the same dresser!

  5. i have GOT to get to ikea soon... its been on my list forever, but it's an hour away so i cant just hop in unfortunately!

    i have SO much that i want to get done to the house... but im starting to feel like it's just all not going to happen before baby comes- hopefully his nursery will be finished- his furniture is taking FOREVER!

  6. Can't wait to see the completed nursery!! Those darn gliders are sooo expensive!! Luckliy I am getting my Grandma's rocking chair and having a cushion made for it.

    On a non-baby note I was SOOOO pissed they didn't show the fight too!!! Grrrrr.....jerkfaces!

  7. B is going to have his first Ikea experience this week and it should prove... interesting! I will try to remember to get photos of his reaction :) and I'm a big RHONJ fan too and thought the same thing!!!!!