Friday, July 12, 2013

Five for Friday!

It's Friday, Friday, Fridayyy! Love me a Friday, even if my students love to sing that song too many times!

1. We have been stuck in a gross heatwave for over a week where the meteorologist has been using words like 'steamy' and 'moist'. Um, no thanks. I've been dealing with it the way that any preggo would...

2. I can't pee in privacy anymore. Princess has decided to take over the bathroom. As in, she sleeps in the closet, sunbathes on the bathmat, and sits on the counter to drink from the faucet. Spoiled. Rocky has been following me everywhere; he is literally always at my feet. I guess he didn't want to be left out in the bathroom. Monkey see, monkey do.


3. I love receiving gifts for baby girl and these two this week are extra special. Jeff and I began dating in college and I tried to order a onesie just to find out that the original was discontinued. One of my friends came to the rescue and handed hers down from her girls to ours. The Cape Cod sweatshirt is perfect for baby girl because my friend Susan and I are in love with the Cape and with Cuffy's, the best sweatshirt shop on the Cape. Oh, and Baby P's nursery/hospital hats came in today. I want to show them off but I think I'll wait until she can model them. I am obsessed with them!!

4. All I want now are fresh fruits and veggies. I made this the other night for dinner and seriously almost ate the whole thing before Jeff even got home. Gluten-free pasta with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and basil. Yum!

5. Is this commercial on anywhere else besides Boston? I normally hate it when people try to do the Boston accent but this is seriously the most hilarious commercial and Jeff and I love to copy the "accents". Boston accents are never done right in Hollywood and you would never hear these in real life but it's the only "attempt" at the accent that makes me want to pee my pants.

Happy weekend loves!


  1. I love that commercial! It's one of the few that makes me laugh every time and has yet to get old. Maybe it's not as funny elsewhere in the country?

  2. I also live in MA and love the commercial.. I always cringe when I hear a really bad Boston accent. If you mess it up, you just sound like an idiot.. It's an art, basically :)

  3. ugh. that food looks so good! id do anything to eat veggies but my mind just can't. haha.
    took me FOREVER to find newborn hats that i love, i gave up. lol!
    i love when people tell me that when i have kids ill never be able to pee in private... well, like you mentioned - i already cant! thanks to the pups! no difference. haha

  4. i have been OBSESSED with refreshing drinks... and was so sad on 7/11 when i discovered that there was no where around here to get my free slurpee. thank goodness we have a sonic ;)

    hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. That Cape Cod sweatshirt is LITERALLY the cutest thing I have ever seen, ever. Beyond adorable. I need one for her and one for me. (We used to summer in Cape Cod sometimes- Eastham and Falmouth- so I love both the look AND the place!)