Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pregnancy has taught my husband: A guest post from the Mister

Today I am so excited to link up with Courtney and to let my husband have a guest post on the blog. Jeff is a man of few words so I was thrilled when he agreed to write a post. Here's what he had to say...

I found out I was going to be a dad seven months ago. Monday, January 14, 2013 at 6:43 pm to be exact. It was a pretty standard Monday evening. The wife and I retired to the living room after dinner to relax and watch some television. About 30 seconds into the television show we selected, she told me she had some news. "I took a pregnancy test", she said. I gracefully grabbed the remote and muted the television and asked, "what?" After a controversial home pregnancy test, I sent her to the nearest drug store to pee on another stick while I grabbed a beer and pondered what this meant for us. The second test was more clear than the first so we set up a visit with our doctor to confirm the oven was on.

Though the list is short, I will share a few stories that I encountered during this pregnancy;

"The Bob" - I bought "The Bob" about five years ago prior to Sarah and I buying our our home in 2010. "The Bob" is a memory-foam mattress produced by a local New England furniture manufacturer. It is known as his, "Bob-O-Pedic." My 6'4" frame claimed rights to half of "The Bob" and Sarah's 5'1" build balanced out the equation. It was my little slice of heaven, until Sarah's restless legs began to drill me in the back, losing a little of my domain. Not a big deal. Then the body pillow is introduced. Great idea, but what the hell? We also have a 16 month old boxer that tries so hard to make it into the starting sleeping line-up in "The Bob". He has been very successful so far, and who do you think is sacrificing territory? Sarah has been hounding me to upgrade to a King, but to be honest I may just buy a cot.

Central Air - Summers in the Boston area are typically hot, sticky, muggy, and miserable. Central air is a must, especially with a pregger in the house. Our condenser unit froze up just last week during a stretch of some of the most humid weather this summer has seen yet. Thank god I had a back up window AC unit buried in my 130 degree attic. Father's-to-be! May be a good idea to get a window unit as a back up plan if your wife is pregnant in the middle of summer. Just don't bury it in your 130 degree attic unless you are planning to audition for ABC's, Extreme Weight Loss. Basement or a closet will do.

Throughout my wife's pregnancy, my responsibilities and duties have not changed much from when she wasn't pregnant. They haven't changed not because I haven't been actively participating in this journey, but because my wife is a very strong and passionate woman, who has desired to become a mother for as long as we've been together. We have been extremely fortunate and blessed that our pregnancy has been fairly easy and smooth thus far. Both the health of my wife and my baby are in great standing, and I am very grateful for that.

Best to you and yours,


How cute is he that he even has his own blog signature? I couldn't love this man more!


  1. "To confirm that the oven was on" - LOVE it! Your hubby is adorable!

  2. One of my favorite blog posts this far. You are blessed to have such a fun, caring, and loving husband. Love you both to pieces <3

  3. HAHAHAHA! I love it! :) The bed thing is SO TRUE!

  4. Great advice on the air conditioner - My husband would have a similar story to share except we ONLY have a window unit and when THAT breaks - you're screwed. We've been w/out AC for two weeks now (luckily, our ac unit still works in our bedroom) but my husband finally ordered a portable crazy big unit to replace the broken one which should be waiting at the house for us right now! I can't go another day in the house without AC. Doesn't it seem that these things break right at the time we need the most?

    so so cute, thanks for sharing Jeff! You're a lucky lady Sarah!

  5. I think you guys are on to something, Jeff should co-blog more often and kind of give it a his and hers spin !!! I love all your blogs and I think this one will definitely make it on my fav list !!! Great job Jeff !!

  6. I love this!! He is hilarious! Keep on him about the King bed! Best thing ever! :)

  7. LOL this is awesome!!! You guys please move to Orlando and be our friends because I adore both of your senses of humor!! I feel like my husband would be agreeing to all of his points, LOL!