Tuesday, August 6, 2013

33 week Bumpdate!!

This week: We were in recovery mode. Organizing and setting up the nursery was top priority and it's definitely baby, baby, baby around here! Summer school ended!!!! Can I get a hallelujah?!? I am SO excited to have three weeks off to prep for baby. This is the beginning of the busiest time of the year for a teacher and to throw a baby in the mix means I have a lot to do! Oh, and it's SHARK WEEK!!!! Jeff and I are OBSESSED with Shark Week!!

How far along? 33 weeks!

Baby's size: Baby P is the size of a durian! Seriously?! Or a honeydew. She could grow up to an inch this week alone!! She'll also gain about a half a pound a week from here on out!

Total weight gain: 14 lbs.

Maternity clothes? Yup! The outfit in the picture is not maternity, though. Thankfully maxis are the big thing this summer so I have been finding lots of cute dresses that I don't even need to size up because my belly is taking care of the hem!! :)

Stretch marks: Stupid hips. I don't even care about the ones on my thighs since they're on the inside and technically were already there before the baby but my the ones on my hips can be seen above my bathing suit. I just wasn't expecting them there so it sucks.

Sleep: Still just okay. My sleep is pretty interrupted and my dreams are out of control.

Best moment this week: My summer officially started!! I love the little things like spending time in the nursery with Jeff going through our gifts and talking about how excited we both are and starting to pack the hospital bag. This is such a special time.

What I miss: Sleep and my bladder of steel. As a teacher, I have mastered the art of holding my pee for over 12 hours. Now if I move a certain way, I'm running to the bathroom.

Movement: Yes! And I LOVE it! I can definitely tell she's a bit cramped in there but I'm still loving those movements, even if they're painful sometimes.

Food cravings: I will literally see someone eating something and need it. What's up with that?!

Food aversions: Nothing new.

Gender: Girl! Girl! Girl!

Belly button - in or out? It's out for the world to see!

Wedding rings - on or off? Still on and they can still come off. Hoping this weather sticks around because I'm pretty sure that's helping me out big time.

Symptoms: Pelvic pain, peeing a LOT, and being worn out. I went to the grocery store and Target back to back and I was ready for a nap when I got home. That's so unlike me.

Mood: Getting excited!! And nervous!

Looking forward to: Having a baby!! Of course, I also started getting excited about back to school, too. I love this time of year and having a baby at this time will be so fun!

ps. Baby shower recap will be on the blog tomorrow! K, Erin? :)



  1. Oh, gosh - I remember when running to the grocery store was enough to wear me out for the entire day. Third trimester is like that! But don't worry - your energy will all come back a week or two after delivery. And then you'll need it for marathon feedings and sleepless nights with a newborn, lol!:)

  2. I LOVE that skirt!! Sooo cute!!! We love shark week too!! We have been glued to the tv at night!! Ahhh....hurry up Wednesday!!!! :)

  3. I'm excited for baby shower pics! And I cannot believe we are in 8 months!! I am getting so excited too - preparing everything. We are in the final countdown (:

  4. You look SO CUTE! :) I LOVE hanging out in our nursery. Jake and I literally sit in there every day. :)

  5. you look awesome! and i agree, i love hanging out in the nursery!! we are supposed to go pick up the dresser and the crib this week and i cannot WAIT to get everything set up.

    and i agree about the peeing... ive been waking up FOUR times a night. so frustrating!!

  6. Your maxi skirt is just too cute! Glad that you have 3 weeks to "yourself" to get stuff done!! Such excitement!!

  7. I'm excited to see your baby shower post! I miss my bladder of steel as well! Yesterday I had to go back to pee again 5 minutes later. This has been a problem especially when trying to grocery shop with a toddler. The freezer section + a chill + a cart full of groceries + a 2.5 year old=leaving your cart and running to the ladies room with your toddler lol

  8. can't wait to hear about the baby shower! super impressed your rings are still on - my engagement ring is off, off, off...I hid it away in a drawer, LOL. Enjoy these three weeks - what I wouldn't GIVE for 3 weeks off right now!

  9. Very cute outfit and awesome it is not even maternity and you can wear it still later ;) Yay for baby shower recaps ! Love those !

  10. Add me to the OMG HOW AM I WORN OUT ALREADY list! But then I can't sleep. Normal. Also when did your belly button pop!? I missed that!!!!! Gah! Mine looks SO weird now, I wouldn't mind if mine didn't go back though, I hate how deep it was before. We'll see if I still feel that way in two months or so! PS- LOVE the maxi skirts on you, I am jealous! They look ridiculous on me.