Wednesday, August 21, 2013

35 week Bumpdate!

tired mama, swollen feet, and a photobomber

This week: It's the last week before school starts and I've been crossing things off my list, left and right. The heat's coming back so hopefully I can crank the AC and finish it up.

How far along? 35 weeks! How did this happen?!

Baby's size: Baby P is the size of a coconut!

Total weight gain: 14 lbs. 

Maternity clothes? My long & lean tanks from Target are officially too short! They still fit over the belly but I am constantly pulling it down. Unless I'm home, then I'm rocking the hill billy look, with my belly hanging out of the bottom of my shirt.

Stretch marks: Just hips and thighs but my left hip has those deep, shiny red ones :( and my right front thigh now has a few of those, too. Enough with the stretch marks!!!!

Sleep: I think I've officially hit pregnant insomnia. I now lie away tossing and turning, sometimes literally for a couple of hours. This won't be fun next week when I'm back to work full time.

Best moment this week: We got a big shipment of just about the last of our baby stuff! Now I get to wash teeny, tiny baby clothes!!!! :) We also had a couple of family parties this weekend and I loved that my sister and brother, and a few others, got to feel baby kick!

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach will continue to be the #1 thing I miss.

Movement: All the time. There are lumps and bumps sticking out and girlfriend has shimmied herself in my ribs.

Food cravings: I did go to McDonald's a couple of times this week. So good.

Food aversions: Tried steak again, not a fan.

Gender: Baby girl!

Belly button - in or out? Out!

Wedding rings - on or off? On or off, depending on the day or time of day. Warmer days, I try to take them off mid-day or I sleep with them off but always put them back on before I go anywhere.

Symptoms: My rib hurts like a mofo. I actually thought I had a broken rib, according to Google and the fact that when I sneeze, I'm practically crying in pain. She's always on the right side and it's my right rib so I think that she's just moving there a lot. Maybe it's bruised? Maybe she's big? Yikes. My feet are definitely swelling more, too. Lots of errands to run means lots of time on these old dogs. They don't like it.

Mood: Tired, happy, excited. Getting more anxious!

Looking forward to: As much as I won't love waking up at 5am, sitting in traffic, and being on my feet for 8-10 hours a day, I am excited for school to start. I love this time of year. Once school starts, though, the time is going to FLY!



  1. Looking sooo darn cute friend!! I had McD's for breakfast and it got Mav moving like crazy!! He must have loved it! Ha!!

  2. You look so cute! She'll be here before you know it!

  3. Aww! Your poor feet. That's what mine look like every day too! HAHAHAHA! Gotta love it! :) You're doing awesome... so close to the end!

    Also - I totally rock the hillbilly look at home. Our poor husbands. :)

  4. Oh hello Rocky....Marcy always tries to get in my pictures too. Can you believe next week you get to say "Only a month left"? You look great and I am sure the next few weeks are going to fly!!

  5. now you have me wanting McD's!! :) I totally rock the belly hanging out at home too!! ha ha

  6. You look great! Your poor swollen feet!

    I am glad you are getting things crossed off your to do list before school starts back up. I start on Monday! GOOD LUCK!

    I have had a McDonalds craving as well so weird!

    I am excited for school as well! Its weird how that works. i think I am just excited that the time is going to fly by!

  7. All of you gals who are on the last stretch of pregnancy are making ME so anxious even though I have 15 more weeks to go!! ;-D

    Glad you're feeling well and hanging in there. Love the hillbilly look too ;-D

  8. I am starting to see stretch marks on my hips but I'm not sure if they are just ones from last time....arg. You look great though...5 more weeks!!!

  9. 35 week 35 day milestone! so fun!
    you are getting so close and im so excited for you!

  10. haha i love your comment about the hillbilly look, i totally rock that at home, too! it's hard to find clothes that fit properly anymore!

    and washing those teeny tiny clothes is SO fun... your house will smell like a newborn and get you so excited :)

  11. yay! getting so close! You look great! My ribs hurt during pregnancy too and still hurt after I gave birth so I definitely think Ronan bruised them, but they are back to normal now!


  12. Yeah 35 weeks came so quickly! Love your photobomber :) And I hope baby girl can lay off your right ribs a little! It's amazing how quickly I become uncomfortable in that area too.