Friday, August 9, 2013

A win for this mama and questions for you mamas...

We got a glider, we got a glider, we got a glider, hey, hey, hey, HEY! I know that song is cuter when Porky & Buckwheat are singing it in Little Rascals, but that was what I was singing last night! Jeff FINALLY agreed to the glider I wanted after trying to do his own research for so long. Thanks to the Massachusetts No Sales Tax weekend & a hubby with a pickup truck, were able to save some serious moolah. Jeff doesn't like to part with our money so this was a huge win for me. We got GREAT deals on the crib, dresser, mirror, and bookshelf, as in less that $500 for all that furniture, so to me this was a no brainer. 

We ordered this glider in white...

Honestly, and this is probably why Jeff hates spending money with me, I loved this pattern so much, it made me want to plan another nursery! I also love the white couch set that goes along with it and he was all but dragging me out of the store. Someday.

But really, I'm already thinking of when I can actually reuse this in another room and get Jeff to agree to a white, slipcovered living room set. In the meantime, I'm too busy dreaming about rocking my sweet baby girl to sleep in this!

So we are checking things off the list...

Nursery furniture.. done!
Bedding... done!
Baby shower... done!
Fill the bookshelf... done!
Fill the closet... done!
Order prints for wall... done!
Sort baby items... done!

The few things we have left to do are finish packing my hospital bag, wash some of the clothes, order a few more things off of our registry, set up the pack & play, jogging stroller, and install the carseat. I just can't stare at an empty car seat in my car and pack & play in my living room for 6 weeks. It will make me too anxious.

So mamas, I need your help with my hospital bag. I am a certified over-packer but only want to bring one bag for me & baby and one bag for the hubs.

For those of you that have already had your babies... what are your MUST haves that you actually USED in the hospital?

For those of you that haven't had your babies... what are your MUST haves that you need to have in the hospital?

Hopefully I can get that checked off the list this weekend! Yikes!! :)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that chair!!!!!! I haven't even thought about packing my bag...I shall learn from you! ha!!

    Damn now I want a pickle!

  2. Love this!! I wish our nursery was big enough for a comfy glider like this!

  3. You are a brave girl for going white! It looks so comfy though! Here is what I packed and used: laptop (to immediately send out pics- I didn't have an iPhone 2 years ago), camera, socks, toiletries, makeup, a going home outfit for me (depressing, but it'll need to be maternity clothes), an outfit to wear with all the visitors (mine was a gray cami/robe/pants set from babies r us and I loved how it was comfy but looked nice). My mom was in charge of bringing my favorite snacks and drinks that I could eat or share with visitors.

    For my daughter, I brought a few Carter's layette outfits, which take up no room in the bag. You'll want choices (ha!). I brought a pacifier, which is up to you but saved my life. I brought her a light blanket that matched the outfits for all the pictures that were taken. I brought the breast pump because people told me to, and did not use it at all. There should be diapers in the room and they will bathe her (take all the supplies get used:) It was cold when I had mine, so I brought the swaddle blanket to practice. She hated it as a newborn, but loved it later.

    I brought magazines, but never had time to read them. We live so close to the hospital that my husband went home each night to get a good sleep and let the dogs out. So, no bag for him. Oh- I brought the boppy and a pillow for myself.

    Honestly, the most important items to me were the toiletries because I just felt gross every day and the camera for every single moment.

    Don't fall for the hospital announcements. They will prey on your hormones and they are not as cute at all as the ones you can make yourself:)

    Good luck and email with questions!

  4. Love that glider! My biggest piece of advice is comfy clothes and extra pairs of socks!!

  5. LOVE your glider!!!!

    A couple things that a lot of the lists floating around don't show..... get a baby book and bring it with you so you can get your baby's feet and hand prints in it! The nurses will do it for you :) Also...bring a little notebook to have your hubby or someone make a list of any visitors you have, flowers you get or any other you can write thank you notes later on.

    Also one tip....take EVERYTHING that the hospital has in the room with you when you leave...the hospital will give you diapers, some little white t-shirts or onesies, mesh panties (for post partum bleeding), maxi pads, and so much more.... take it all!! We took everything, just leaving the furniture. haha!

  6. WHOOP! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE that chair!! So cute! Can't wait to see what you do with the nursery!

  7. I had to come check out your blog... another Sarah AND your blog name is so close to my own! Crazy! And congrats on your little one! I am not fortunate enough to have any kids of my own yet, but my sister had a boy last year and I remember that she asked me to bring her slippers that weren't too tight and that had grip on the bottom (she was also at the hospital for almost a week). Also snacks for dad and ear plugs for both you and dad (the machines can get annoying if you try to get some sleep).

  8. Love the glider - gorgeous! The #1 thing I would tell you to put in your hospital bag is chapstick/vaseline for your lips - they get SO DRY and after a certain point you can't have water...I was begging Chris to put it on my lips throughout labor!

  9. New to your blog and love the glider!! I was a complete over packer for the hospital but ended up only using several outfits, a blanket, going home clothes for you, CHAPSTICK, I took my pillow, slippers, flip flops, hats for baby, a pacifier, insurance cards, clothes for dad, snacks for dad, phone charger, socks for you and baby, toiletries, going home outfit for baby and that was pretty much all I needed. Hospital supplies diapers and wipes, ours supplied long sleeved side button shirts, breast pump and all accessories came in a bag that I could take home. I also had several nursing tanks, nursing bra and sports bra and they were life savers! Hope this helps some!