Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY wine basket and going to the liquor store pregnant

This weekend we were overbooked and loving it. We had a jam-packed weekend that included a trip to the liquor store with my big belly and perhaps a broken rib. Maybe I'm exaggerating but maybe I'm not.

Friday night, Jeff and I had big plans to watch The Godfather. I'm probably in the 1% of Americans that have never seen it. Apparently Mobweek was right after Sharkweek and Jeff was totally into it. I couldn't really follow the movie but I definitely didn't hate it. With commercials, it was SO long and we ended falling asleep early but not before I got in some snuggles with my favorite cuddlebug.

Saturday, we had a family cookout during the day and a couples bridal shower at night. I loved spending time with my family and wish I could move away from the buffalo chicken dip long enough to take a picture or something. When we got home, we literally had about 20 minutes to get back out the door for the shower. It was set up more like a wedding, with cocktail hour, a meal, and a DJ. Such a fun time but still so weird to watch everyone drink and party while I need to sit down with my feet up. My cankles made an appearance late night so we had to bust outta there. Thankfully, they had some yummy food, a serious dessert spread, and gorgeous cake. Why drink when you can eat?

Earlier in the day on Saturday, I made my first trip to the liquor store in almost 9 months. Ironically, my last trip to the liquor store was the same night I bought a pregnancy test. After I bought my favorite fall beer, I had this overwhelming feeling that I shouldn't drink it and should buy a pregnancy test instead. Glad I listened to my instincts and that pumpkin beer is still sitting in my fridge waiting for baby to make her appearance so mama can have a bevy. 

So, the reason for the trip... I made a wine basket for the couple and had been putting off actually buying the wine because I felt pretty uncomfortable doing a packy run with my big ole' belly. Much to my surprise, not a single person even gave me a second glance. Let me elaborate, I was waddling up and down aisles and aisles of booze, resting four bottles of wine and a few nips on my almost 9 month pregnant belly, and no one thought it was strange. I actually live in a pretty normal, middle class town and I'm not really sure why this was acceptable. Not that I want anyone judging me but I was ready to let the world know that I was making a wine basket, not binge drinking in the parking lot. Considering the looks and comments I hear all the time when I'm just minding my own business, I thought for sure I would get one while buying alcohol. It must be a more laid back crowd in there.

Anyways, of course Pinterest helped me with the wine basket and this is what I came up with.

This couple registered for a few wine accessories but must already have glasses, so I was able to add a few bottles of wine with free labels that can be found here, and pack it all in a fab basket found at Homegoods. I printed out the labels in black ink on white card stock and glued them onto brown craft card stock paper, tying it to the bottle with ribbon. I only used four labels, instead of the six, since this couple has been together already for over ten years and I felt these would fit best for the first year of marriage. 

I tried to pair the labels with wine that had names that kind of matched it. I used Wedding Night with Entwine cabernet, First Fight with Turning Leaf Refresh and also paired two nips, Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan for the hubby, First Anniversary with Cupcake Red Velvet, and First Baby with Fre Alcohol Removed sparkling wine. 

The basket was super easy to put together since I ordered the accessories from the couples registry and the labels took about ten minutes to print, cut, and assemble. It was also a big hit at the shower. I love making gifts that are personalized but also appreciate when people use the registry so I try to mix the two.

Sunday, we were supposed to go to a Christening but on Saturday night, I started having some rib pain and by Sunday morning, I sneezed and thought I was going to die. It feels like one of my ribs is broken.  I know that baby girl has been all up on my right side and in my right rib but holy moly this thing HURTS! I'm still 5 weeks out and if this is what it feels like when people say that their baby has a foot or something in their ribs, well then I might not make it. I was pretty immobile yesterday and found relief sitting in a certain position, so I worked on some curriculum and planning for my maternity leave. Of course, I googled my symptoms and diagnosed myself with a broken, fractured, or bruised rib. Damn you Google!! The pain has actually subsided quite a bit, so I'm pretty sure I'm just overreacting but it hurts!

Rocky gets a break from following me. Can you stand his wrinkly forehead?!

Now it's Monday and school starts in ONE WEEK! so I have a million things to do for baby girl and for my other babies so I'm going to get to it!

Happy Monday, loves!

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  1. I love that gift idea... and I love that you matched the wine names to the labels! SO CUTE!

    I want to squeeze that puppy face. ADORABLE!

  2. I am with you...I have never seen the Godfather either...and don't have any plans to ever do so! ha!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that gift basket idea!! A friend just got engaged this weekend so I will sooo be stealing this next spring!! Thanks!

    Hey - look at it this least Google didn't have you dead in a week!! See things are looking up!

  3. The wine basket is presh - LOVE it! I'm sure the couple loved it too:) Also, I haven't seen the Godfather either. Thought I was the only one, lol!

  4. Rocky is a great cuddle buddy to have! I love the wine basket that is too cute! & do not feel bad girlie I have not seen the Godfather either..

  5. hahah i would have thought at least the cashier would have had a comment! i guess everyone just assumed they weren't for you! too funny. cute idea, the basket looks great!

  6. When my friend got married last summer we (the bridesmaids) did the wine basket. I had never heard of it before but the bride loved it! My family is Italian/from the Bronx so I am pretty sure I have watched the Godfather more times that I care to remember lol My dad loves it!

  7. such a creative gift idea! love it!

  8. Love the basket- what a cute idea! And I actually was at a wedding at 7 months where the waitress kept trying to serve me wine, which I thought was odd! I'm tempted to go walk around the liquor store now to see if I get any looks :)

  9. So cute! My cousin is getting married on Saturday... I'm not sure if they're wine drinkers though otherwise I'd TOTALLY be doing this!

  10. I had the same experience with buffalo chicken dip on Friday night! Couldn't get me away from it! And I share the Mob obsession... I studied abroad in Sicily and actually took a course on the Mob at a school there. Can't get enough! Although I also find The Godfather to be LONGGGGG. And the wine is hilarious! I bet because you were buying wine they would assume "hosting a party" as opposed to if you were buying a bunch of Thunderbird 40's haha. And what kind of pumpkin beer? That's a favorite of mine, I want to pick one to have ready for when baby girl is here and I can have a drink, but my favorite (Schlafly) doesn't distribute here!!!

  11. That is such an adorable wine basket!