Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby Shower!!

Last weekend we celebrated one of the most anticipated days of our pregnancy. We had our baby shower!! It was on the larger side, as both sides of the family and friends were all included in one party. Our mothers hosted, with help from our sisters and some of my friends. 

I barely had to say anything to my mom and she had the perfect theme planned... BOOKS! On the invitation it was requested that each guest bring a book for the baby instead of a card and it was a big hit! The shower was a mix of pink, books, and simple elegance. It was held at a country club near our house and everything was perfect. 

My one regret from the day was that I didn't try out the omelet station! It can be overwhelming to be the guest of honor and I didn't give the food table a good scan, I just grabbed a plate! haha That's ok. Truly, the shower was amazing and our gracious hosts went above and beyond to make every detail perfect.

My sister took about 300 pictures of the day but I went through and picked out the ones that would tell the story best... 

My niece was SO excited that we arrived!


Diaper cake and baby made my my mother-in-law and sister-in-law

Baby girl was spoiled! There were rows of gifts on either side of this table!

Adorable centerpieces with baby sock flowers made by my mother-in-law!

Jeff, his mom, and two sisters


My sister, mom, and niece.. who is obsessed with the belly!

Our mamas! I think we picked the sunniest spot to take pictures!

My bff. She even took her shoes off since I had to wear flats.
Donna came over after and helped me organize the entire nursery.

Jeff was the cutest opening all the girly things!!

Her first Red Sox shirt!!

She already has him wrapped around her finger!

My mom made the most gorgeous afghan that will go perfectly with the nursery!

My mom also made an amazing clothesline full of the cutest little outfits.. 

It took three of us to hold it up!!

My favorite detail? The book cake!!!

Some of my favorite books, too! I was so happy with this cake!

Part of the favors... bookmarks made by my sister! LOVE!

Happy, happy parents-to-be!

Jeff and I were so overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and family. These pictures are a small sliver of all the amazingness that went into that day and we are so, so blessed to have so many amazing people that are already so in love with our baby girl.


  1. EEEEeeeeekkkkk!!! LOVE IT!!! Mine will be a book theme too!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! That cake is AMAZING!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful shower! You look so happy! :) I am DYING over that cake!

  3. Love the cake! And LOVE all those books - baby P is going to have a wonderful library of great books:) Looks like you all had such a good time!

  4. THE CAKE!!! OH MY GOSH. HOW cool :-D It's fantastic!!

    You all look great-- what a fun day!!

  5. Wow! Those books! What a fun shower and theme!!

  6. omg I thought that cake was actually books!! haha. Looks like a wonderful day. :) Your little girl is already really loved!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS! I love it all! :) Every single detail!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE! The book cake is making me crave some cake though. Please tell me it was as yummy as it was cute! HAHA!

  8. What an awesome shower! I love the book cake.

  9. I'm dying right now!! Your shower looked amazing and so beautiful! That cake is awesome too and I cannot believe how many books you got (and no duplicates??)! Your husband is adorable in those photos and seems like he's going to be a great dad to a little girl :)

  10. What an awesome shower! I lovr the clothes line idea and all the books you got!

  11. You got some great books; love the cake!