Friday, August 2, 2013

Things only a father would say...

Jeff and I were beginning our task of sorting through all of the amazing gifts and baby gear that we have received for our baby girl, to get the nursery prepped for her arrival. We started with the clothes, sorting them all out by size, and I already had everything else sorted into categories.. feeding, bathing, books, bedding, personalized items, hair supplies (she has enough to fill an entire basket!), safety, the list keeps going. Every so often, Jeff would stop and look around the room and just sit in amazement that there will be a little girl sleeping and playing in here very soon. He was making me laugh, nearly making me cry, and making my heart swell bigger than big, with the sweet and funny things he was saying.

These are some things that only a father would say...

While taking a quick break to scan the room in awe: "I just can't believe there's a crib in here, and a dresser, and a mirror!" So I said, "a mirror?" He replied, "Yes. A mirror! Can you believe that?"

Looking through her hair bows: "She better still be a girl when she gets her. I know we saw her parts but I don't know how I'll handle that. I need this girl."

While passing him the newborn clothes: "I can't believe how tiny she will be. These things won't even fit on my hand. OH my goodness! The hanger won't even fit in here!"

While passing him the 24 months clothes: "Um, what just happened? These are so big. Two minutes ago this wouldn't fit my hand, now it might fit part of my leg. My little girl is growing up too fast. Please stop."

While handing him a Christmas shirt: "Ok, can we put this in a special place? This will definitely be her outfit when we're decorating the tree. It's really special, I want to make sure I don't forget it."

While sorting through her sweatpants: "Oh, this is great! These will be her lazy Sunday outfits. Do we have a place for lazy Sunday clothes?"

While handing him some bigger onesies, he looked at them funny. I said, "She'll be in onesies for at least the first year." He responded with, "She'll be in onesies until I tell her she can stop wearing onesies!"

I love, love, love this man with my whole heart and I know how big his love is for our little family. I cannot wait to watch him fall in love with our daughter. She already has him wrapped around her finger! He is going to the best Daddy.

Rocky's first day with us, snuggling with Dad.
{Look how teeny he is!!}


  1. haha I love it! He is going to be such a good daddy!

  2. This is so sweet! Daddies and their babies are the cutest :)

  3. This is so sweet!! He is going to be a great daddy!

  4. Aww! Love! There is something so sweet about guys making a comment. I think pregnancy can be hard for them- they're involved, but they aren't being kicked by the baby and reminded of it's existence all day, every day. I love it when B takes time to talk to me about things having to do with her, or gets a kick and gets really into feeling her move. Last night he commented that my belly has gotten really big and he just noticed it that day, and that he can't believe we're at 30 weeks (tomorrow.) It's all getting so real!

    Sidenote: sounds like Jeff is ALREADY a great dad!!!

  5. Precious! My hubby and I have loved having a baby boy, but there is something SO sweet about a daddy and his baby girl. I would love a girl too one day!:)

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  7. OMG! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. this is seriously the CUTEST post, ever!!! sooooo precious how excited your man is ;)