Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was full of a lot of the new normal for this preggo. Crazy, busy, fun day on Saturday, total recovery on Sunday. It's a lot like college, except I'm not nursing a hangover or ordering 5 pizzas from Papa Gino's with the girls. I do stay in sweats and my FSC sweatshirt all day, so that's something.

This is pretty much what I look like after a long day

Friday night, Jeff was down the Cape for a boys night so Rocky and I watched Shark Week re-runs. Bliss. 

Shark Week Cupcakes!

We started leaving Rocky out of his crate when we're gone for short periods of time this week. Of course, I expect that when I get home he will jump to his feet and protect his home or at least greet his mama, similar to how he jumps to his feet to bark like a hooligan when people walk by. Nope. That boy is snoozing in his spot on the couch and hardly lifts his head when the door opens. Once he gathers his bearings, he jumps up and is excited to see me but it takes a few minutes. So much for a guard dog. On Friday night, I found the little booger in MY spot, curled in MY blanket on the couch watching Shark Week. Really? If I wasn't so shocked, I would have taken a picture. Thankfully he got some good sense and jumped up to give me kisses.

Saturday started with a long drive for a funeral and ended with a long drive for a baby shower but we got to see most of our college faves. One of our college friends is due with a baby girl 11 days before me. How fun is that?! On Saturday they had a Baby-Q. Cutest non-baby shower baby shower I've ever seen. It was really just a cookout with a baby-ish theme and grown-upish games but they had the BEST favors!! Can't wait to try some!

Sunday was spent in recovery for me but we made some progress putting together baby gear. I know, I know, I said I couldn't look at it empty for 6 weeks but all of a sudden I needed it put together, like, now. Plus, I think this will help Rocky get used to all the new stuff. Enjoy the crappy iPhone pics.

The pack 'n play was actually a pain to put together but a little elbow grease and a little teamwork went a long way. Jeff kept saying, "Call Graco! Tell them they need a better manual!" At least it was in English. We put together our BOB jogging stroller and the manual they put on top of the package was in French. We found the English manual when we finished putting it together, it was in one of the back pockets of the stroller. That helped. We were both happy with the final products, though. 

Ready for baby! We think! Almost..

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  1. Though they are a complete pain to put together, I really think the Pack N Plays are a total necessity. We have already gotten our money's worth out of ours time and time again - we use it everywhere!!!:) Loving the idea of a Baby-Q. So cute!

  2. Eekekkkk...putting stuff together has to make it seem even more real!!! yay!!!!

  3. Aw what a fun weekend. I love the shark week cupcakes. too cute. My mom girlfriends cannot live without their pack n' play! ha!

  4. The shark week cupcake is adorable. My friend loves apple pie moonshine, she said you don't even realize you are drinking alcohol (that may or may not be a good thing).